your body is your best friend

October 20, 2023

Happy Friday, sweet friend!

We are headed down to Mexico with Chad's family in a few weeks. Woohoo!!! 🎉

I have noticed so many judgments popping up about my body as I've been dreaming about laying out on the beach in my swimsuit.

I don't know about you, but the silly story that I've been telling myself about my body for so long now is that my body needs to be something beautiful for people to look at.

My body needs to be perfectly tanned, perfectly toned, and perfectly airbrushed.

How absolutely impossible is this for any of us to achieve?!?

We came into these bodies to experience joy and pleasure through our five senses, not to beat ourselves up until we achieve some impossible standard of perfection.

I've been 215 lbs and out of shape and I've been 145 lbs and in great shape, and I can tell you that the nasty voices in your head don't get any quieter the closer you get to our society's idea of perfection.

In fact, they seem to get louder and more critical since perfection seems so darn close.

When you look in the mirror, what stories do you tend to tell yourself about your body?

Are they stories of love and encouragement or are they stories of judgment and self-loathing?

Simply become aware of how you're thinking and speaking about your body.

Your body is your best friend.

It goes everywhere with you.

It wants to help you experience more pleasure and happiness than you can even imagine right now.

Before it can do that, you have to release your resistance and your attacks toward your sweet body and speak to it with love.

Touch those parts that you tend to judge and send them love.

Feed your body foods that feel good after you eat them.

(There are a lot of foods that feel good while you're eating them but not so good after you eat them. 😉)

Move your body many times throughout the day in ways that feel good.

Drink lots of water to flush out all the things that your body no longer needs.

Rest when your body asks for rest.

Do all the fun things that your body loves to do.

It's time to renew (or begin) your friendship with your body and to send it so much love and appreciation for everything that it does for you.

Your body wants to be your best friend.

Will you allow it to contribute to you in some magical ways?

Much love to you and your body,


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