you are perfect well-being

July 5, 2024

Hello hello!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! 🎆

We celebrated Kaylie's 13th birthday with family yesterday, and it was a blast! 🎉

Chad's best friend recently told us that his wife had a brain aneurysm while she was in Brazil taking care of her father, and the doctors performed emergency surgery on her.

There were complications after the surgery, and she was taken off of life support early this morning to see if she can breathe on her own with very little brain function.

(We haven't heard yet if she's breathing on her own.)

The neurologist basically told Chad's friend that his wife is going to be a vegetable for the rest of her life if she survives being taken off of life support.

Walking through this situation with a friend has forced us to remember the perfect well-being that resides inside every single one of us no matter how things appear on the outside.

This woman lying in a hospital bed in Brazil is not her body.

You are not your body.

You are perfect well-being, perfect peace, perfect love, unlimited abundance, unlimited freedom, infinite ease, and unlimited joy.

Your body speaks to you to open your awareness to who you truly are, and although pain and sickness can be frustrating or devastating, it's all a gift.

It's all pointing you back home to who you really are.

Every single one of your trillions of cells is hooked up to the stream of well-being.

You can allow this well-being by surrendering to life and remembering who you are or you can resist this stream of well-being by fighting life- by fighting your present circumstances.

You are perfect peace, so there's no reason to fight life.

You are perfect love, so there's no reason to judge yourself or others.

You are perfect well-being (and everyone that you love is perfect well-being), so there's no need to worry about your own health or the health of others.

You can ask your body what it would like from you, and if you will listen and give it what it wants, you will experience the perfect well-being that you are.

Right now, Chad's friend's wife is experiencing her perfect well-being whether she is still focusing part of her awareness into her body or not.

She is free of 99-100% of the resistance that she's carried around for over 40 years.

She is having a frickin' party!!! 🎉

It's not necessary for you to exit this game of life in order to release your resistance and experience your perfect well-being.

You can do it right now by claiming: "I AM PERFECT HEALTH and WELL-BEING."

As you declare this all day every day, solutions to body issues will start flowing to you, and you will soon have a body that is incredibly healthy and happy.

Take time to get quiet and listen to your body.

You can focus on your in breaths and out breaths for a minute or two to help quiet your mind so you can hear your body's whispers.

Listening to your body is a huge act of self-love since your body is here to remind you of who you really are as God.

You can't be contained inside this small little body.

You are far too powerful, spacious, free, and unlimited for that.

You are All That Is, and every whisper or shout from your body is reminding you of this truth.

Please listen.

Take time to care for that sweet body of yours.

Your body is the golden ticket that got you into this game of life here on Earth.

What a gift! 🎁

It's time that we all start loving and appreciating these beautiful bodies.

It's time that we declare who we are as perfect well-being so that our bodies can experience this perfect health and well-being.

You are meant to be happy and healthy.

You are meant to feel at ease, whole, and complete at all times.

Allow yourself to surrender to the stream of well-being.

Rest, pamper yourself with some self-care, and enjoy that beautiful body of yours. 💜

Much love to you,


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If you would like some assistance as you learn to communicate with your body, I highly recommend the book Body Whispering by Dr. Dain Heer.

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