you are God

May 17, 2024

Hello and good morning, brilliant creator! 🌟

I'm so excited to share more wisdom from Abraham Hicks along with some things I've been learning from my other spiritual teachers (Tom Kearin of Be Something Wonderful and Rose from The Rosey Life).

(Abraham Hicks teaches the law of attraction, and Tom and Rose both study the wisdom of Neville Goddard who teaches that the Bible is a collection of metaphorical stories rather than actual historical facts.)

At the seminar, Abraham said that we were all very eager to jump into these physical bodies to enjoy the adventure here on Earth.

We were God before we manifested into these physical bodies, and we are still God as we play this game of life.

We knew that we would have so much fun playing this Earth game even though we also knew that we would often forget who we truly are.

You knew that it wouldn't be a problem when you forgot who you truly are, because you came into this body equipped with your emotional guidance system.

Your emotions let you know when you are remembering who you really are as God (you feel really, really good) and when you are forgetting who you are (you don't feel so good).

When you feel confident, eager, expansive, frisky, and fun, you are in complete alignment with who you really are.

When you become entangled in thoughts that don't feel good when you think them, you are temporarily hiding from you who you really are.

(It's like a game of hide and seek.)

When you think thoughts that feel good when you think them, those thoughts are pointing you back to who you are as the Source of all things.

That's why thoughts of appreciation feel SO good.

When you are appreciating yourself and everything that you've created in your life, you are remembering what a brilliant creator you are.

Of course that feels good, because it's 100% true!

When you declare, "I AM GOD" or "I AM LOVE" or "I AM RADIANT HEALTH AND WELL-BEING", you come home to who you really are.

You are in complete alignment with YOU.

There is no one higher than you.

There is no power or force in all of the world that is greater than you.

There are playful, invisible friends (our invisible loved ones who were once in physical bodies) who love to remind you who you are, but they are not wiser or more powerful than you.

They just have a different perspective since they're not lost in the Earth game that we often get lost in.

They are delighting in everything that we are living, and they are expanding right along with us as we grow in awareness through living these incredible lives here.

Everyone who has ever lived on Earth is benefitting from the life that you are living and the desires that you are emanating, and you are benefitting from the desires of every living being who came into this life experience before you.

We're all in this together whether we are physical or non-physical.

Your invisible loved ones are always guiding you down the path of your greatest joy since they always remember who you are even when you are lost in the illusion of this game or movie that looks so real to all of us in these physical bodies.

Isn't it fun to think about how joyful we felt before our births about playing this game and entering this movie to create all sorts of amazing things to help the entire Universe expand?

We were so excited to experience the world through our five senses.

We knew we would always be guided.

We knew we would never be alone.

We knew that we are God and that we hold all the power.

We knew we would be supported by the entire Universe.

We knew that our minds, bodies, and emotions would play a huge role in guiding us.

We knew there was no risk in coming here.

We knew we couldn't remain lost in the illusion.

We knew we'd eventually remember who we really are. ❀️

When you allow yourself to feel your incredible power, you are remembering who you are.

As God, you get to be or do or have anything that you desire.

If you desire it, it is 100% possible.

It is your playful job to focus your attention on things that feel good when you think about them, and that's exactly how you feel your way to everything that you'd love to experience in your life.

You are ALL things.

You are ALL experiences.

You get to decide which aspect of you that you'd like to experience in each moment.

Would you like to experience yourself as ABUNDANCE right now?

Find thoughts that feel abundant.

Would you like to experience yourself as LOVE?

Focus on everything that you love about your life.

Would you like to experience yourself as PEACE?

Be still and know that you are God.

The final point I want to share from the seminar is this: everyone is PURE LOVE (everyone is God).

Everyone that you know is the Source of LOVE, but some people are lost in the fog of this illusion here on Earth and they are really good at resisting the love that they are.

Will you choose to allow ALL of the LOVE that is YOU to shine through by remembering who you are and by focusing on thoughts that feel really, really good to you- thoughts that point you back to who you are as Creator of this wonderful life that you are living? 🌟

I so appreciate you and your willingness to walk alongside me as we step out of the fog and remember who we are. πŸ’œ

Be still and know that you are God.

Much love to you,


P.s. If you want to be reminded of who you are on a daily basis, you can listen to Tom here, Rosey here, or Abraham here.

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  • Awesome insights. I always say that we’ve always been perfect, whole and complete. It’s just all covered up by fog. Once the fog clears then we are able to see and experience our true nature, our God self in all its glory. Let’s all see the perfection in each moment.
    Oh and Tom, Rosey and Abraham rocks. Thanks for sharing them. Much love. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘‘β­οΈ

    • YES!!! πŸ”₯ I love seeing the perfection in each moment, in every person, and in every situation. Thank you for the beautiful reminder! Love you! 🩷

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