February 13, 2023

Good morning, beautiful friend! 🌻

It's Money Monday again! 🎉

This morning I woke up at 1:00 am wide awake, so I turned on the electric fireplace in our living room and cuddled up on the couch to meditate. As I was meditating, a book title came to mind, so I started reading A Happy Pocket Full of Money for the second time.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book that I could share with you (most of which would blow your mind like they did mine), and today I will share just one of the ideas with you.

You are already rich.

You might not be experiencing your richness just yet, but you are already rich.

If you have a desire to be a millionaire (or a billionaire), it is already done.

You can start calling yourself a millionaire or a billionaire and talking about all the fun things you want to buy and do with your money.

You can walk into your favorite store feeling like the millionaire that you are.

How would that feel to walk into a store and know that you could buy anything and everything in the store if you wanted to?

Does that feel like freedom, ease, fun, and an endless buffet of choices?

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"Wouldn't it be irresponsible for me to think and spend like a millionaire if I only see hundreds or thousands of dollars in my bank account right now?"

I've heard from people who have millions of dollars in the bank that they used to think they'd go crazy spending all kinds of money in their favorite stores back when they didn't think they could afford all of those nice things. Once they actually saw the millions of dollars in their bank accounts, they didn't want 99% of the things that they thought they would want once they knew they could actually have them.

Millionaires don't have to spend a single dollar to feel wealthy which means that you don't have to spend a single dollar to feel wealthy either.

(Just to be clear, I'm not recommending that you go out and spend millions of dollars right now unless you have access to that much cash and it feels really good to you. 😉)

No matter how much money you see on your bank statement today, you can absolutely feel like a millionaire right away.

How would you act and be if you were certain about your millionaire status right now?

What if millions of dollars are chasing you right now and that's the reason why you have this desire for money in the first place?

Every desire in your heart is already on its way to you.

Maybe it hasn't arrived in the timeframe that you would prefer, but it's coming (or something so much better).

The easiest way for you to feel wealthy right now is to look around at all of the abundance in your life.

What things are all around you that you take for granted each day?

Everything that you have in great abundance is proof that even more abundance is making its way to you right now.

You can be 100% certain of that.

If you desire to have a lot of money so that you can create a lot of change in the world (the kind of change that requires money), you are meant to have a lot of money.

If you have a desire to be perfectly healthy, you are meant to have perfect well-being.

If you have a desire for a fun, passionate relationship, you are meant to have one.

If you have a desire for a baby, you are meant to have a baby.

Your desires are not growing inside of you to torture you.

They are there to guide you.

They are there to show you what is coming for you.

Are you in a place to receive the things you are wanting?

Can you release the outcome, relax, follow any guidance that feels like a fun adventure, and find ways to be happy now?

You are already wealthy.

You are already happy and healthy.

You have a life filled with love and joy.

Allow yourself to experience all of these wonderful things, and look for beauty everywhere- in everything.

You will always find what you are looking for, because it has always been right in front of you this whole time.

I see you thriving, and I see you being the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. ❤️

I look forward to spending time with you again on Friday the 24th once we get back from San Diego. 😀

Until then, keep shining brightly ✨ and looking for the beauty all around you, my sweet friend. 🌸

Much love to you,


P.s. If you would like to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of wealth consciousness (not just in the area of money but also in the areas of time and happiness and so many other things), I highly recommend David Cameron Gikandi's book A Happy Pocket Full of Money. It will literally blow your mind! You can buy it here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

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