September 26, 2022

Hello there! It's nice to be with you again!

Imagine that I'm giving you a big hug right now as we sit down to chat. 🤗

Last time we discussed releasing things in our lives that don't bring us joy.

I had a conversation that I needed to have to set boundaries around my peace and space, and it was received with great love and understanding.

You would think that I would have felt relief after getting exactly what I asked for, but instead, I felt heavy with guilt.

I felt guilty for getting my needs met. 

If you are a perpetual people pleaser like me, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

Our sense of worthiness is often tied to whether or not we are constantly doing things to make other people happy. 

Whenever I start feeling guilty and unworthy of having my needs met, I know that this means that I have not been giving myself the things that I really want and need to live my most joyful life.

How often do we look to other people to fulfill our needs that we can be meeting ourselves?

It is my intention today to listen to the longings of my heart and to find simple ways to fulfill my own desires. 

Do I feel tired and in need of more rest?

How can I fit some restorative space into my day?

Do I feel discouraged or stressed out about life?

How can I speak to myself in loving ways today and be my own best friend?

Am I dealing with obsessive thoughts about something?

How can I carve out a little time to do some mindful breathing and possibly some journaling until I feel better and clearer?

Am I feeling overwhelmed and stretched beyond my limits?

What can I release from my schedule to create more space and rest for myself?

Am I craving love and attention from someone else?

How can I communicate love to myself in a way that I can receive it today (kind words to myself, buying myself something that would really nourish my body or soul, doing something fun or restorative just for me, receiving help from someone who is offering it, giving myself a hand or foot massage, taking something off of my to-do list, etc.)?

I would encourage you to notice the times you feel tense, stressed, or overwhelmed today and check in with yourself.

What do you need in this moment to feel more relaxed?

It could be as simple as a few deep breaths, or it could involve clearing something off your schedule today to do something that brings you joy and fills your cup. 

Let's create our own sense of worthiness by giving ourselves the very things that we think we need to get from others. 

I hope this letter has been a blessing to you, and I look forward to having more conversations about following our joy!

Much love to you,


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