December 26, 2022

Good morning! ☀️

I'm taking a short break from Money Monday today to talk with you about the new year.

Maybe you've started reflecting on this past year and finding so many blessings that you received in 2022.

I love looking back and appreciating how far I've come over the past year.

My goal for 2022 was to be more fully present in my life, and I am thankful that I am savoring each moment of my life more than I ever have before. 😊

Maybe you're not one who likes to set goals for the year because you know that you won't achieve your New Year's resolutions or you don't see the point in setting some big goals for the year when you are constantly setting new goals throughout the year and consistently reaching them. 

You wonder why you would ever limit yourself to just a few goals.

I was recently listening to Cara Alwill on her Style Your Mind podcast (here), and she mentioned choosing a word of the year.

Rather than setting specific goals, she recommends picking one word that will be your guiding light for the year.

I think this is a fascinating idea!

I chose the word ALIGNED. I want everything that I do and every decision that I make to be in alignment with who I truly am.

I don't want to say yes to something this year unless every part of my being is shouting "Hell yes!!!"

I read in a book somewhere that if you're trying to decide if you should do something or not, wait until it's a "Hell yes!"

If you're feeling anything less than a "Hell yes!" when you think about moving forward with something, then it's a "Hell no!" 🙂

Maybe you would like to pick a word of the year (or at least a word that you'd like to start the year off with).

This word could help you make decisions and choose your experiences throughout the year.


Choosing the word ALIGNED means that I am going to choose more ease, joy, and freedom this year since those are the things that are most in alignment with who I am.

No more following the rules in life and in business. It's time for me (and you) to follow our own guiding light and to move towards the things that interest us and light us up.

Writing my book is definitely lighting me up, and I'm so excited to be able to share it with you once it's published in February or March! 😀

I've decided to invest more time in the book as I am polishing it up and learning how to do 100 things that I had no idea were part of writing and publishing a book. 😯

I will be letting go of writing letters on Wednesdays so that I can be fully present with you on Mondays and Fridays and fully engaged in the book editing and publishing process (and being a mom) the rest of the week.

Are there changes you want to make in your life so that you can invest more time in the things that bring you the most joy?

This is a great time to do that as we head toward a fresh, new year with unlimited possibilities! 😃

Thank you for being here, thank you for sharing your light with me, and I will see you on Friday! ❤️

Much love to you,


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