we have a puppy

June 14, 2024

Hello again! šŸ’œ

We ended up staying home from Moab last week to finish some things around the house, because we were informed before we packed for the trip that our puppy would arrive sooner than expected.

We picked her up near Denver on Wednesday night, and we've been sleeping soundly ever since! šŸ˜‚

Just kidding!

She arrived super energetic and playful after her long drive from Indiana, so it was a very eventful night.

We wore her out by taking turns playing with her all day yesterday, so she slept much better last night with only a couple trips outside to pee.

Here's to feeling like a human again! šŸŽ‰šŸ˜„

We're all very much in love with our fur baby even though she has completely turned our normal routine upside down.

This leads me to today's letter about creating your dream life in the midst of challenging circumstances.

These are notes I took while listening to a Tom Kearin YouTube video (shared below) about assuming your new identity.

How often do you find yourself telling the old story about how something used to be or how it is right now rather than telling the new story based on how you'd like things to be?

Your outside circumstances may seem overwhelming, but these conditions are not nearly as powerful as you are.

You are the powerful Creator of your own life experience.

All circumstances are irrelevant.

"With God [your true identity], all things are possible."

Believe it or not, you are already who you desire to be with your desired circumstances all around you.

Everything you want is already done.

It is possible to experience limiting circumstances by taking on the identity of a smaller version of you, but you can always shift into your actual role as the unlimited Creator of your life experience.

You are the center of reality.

Everything happens from you.

You are the source.

No one has any power over you.

Conditions have no power over you.

Thoughts and feelings have no power over you.

You are God.

All possibilities exist for you, and you are all of them.

"You are the way, you are the light, you are the life of all of it." ~Tom

If you are struggling with any circumstances, you are temporarily forgetting who you are.

You are getting caught up in the game of life rather than ruling over it.

You own this game.

You are the master.

You are God, and you get to choose which reality you want to live from in each and every moment.

Do you want to live from the "little me" version of you or from the divine version of you?

The God within you focuses on what you want to see in your life, and this divine nature appreciates the perfection of everything that you're living right now.

As you visualize your desired end result and know that it's already done, there is no need to wait for anything.

You can get on with identifying the next thing that you'd like to experience in your reality.

See what you want to see in every situation.

Are you ready to experience the life of your dreams?

Then it's time to be still and know that you are God.

Act from this place of knowing.

Know that it's already done, and watch the circumstances of your life change before your eyes šŸŒŸ

Much love to you,


P.s. If you would like to create a life that excites and delights you, you can buy my book Celebrating Your Life here.

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  • This is by far one of my favorite posts. I will be saving this one for insurance and inspiration when self doubt kicks in. I love you dearly and Iā€™m your biggest fan!!

    • Nidia, I’m so glad to hear that! I love that you are benefiting from the messages that are inspiring me as well. šŸ™‚ We all need a reminder sometimes. šŸ’œ

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