try something new

January 12, 2024

Happy Friday!!!

I'm sending you a big warm hug wherever you are in the world today. 🤗

Chad and I have been spending a lot of time doing routine maintenance and repairing things inside our home.

We've been learning A LOT more than we thought we wanted to know (and our patience has been tested a time or two) 😂, but it's been fun to be led step by step to the perfect solution to fix our furnace, our dishwasher, and other things that support us around our house.

I love investing time, energy, and love into the things that take such good care of us on a daily basis.

I've realized over these past couple of weeks that I absolutely love working with my hands in ways that engage my mind, body, and heart.

Trying these new things has brought my attention fully into the present moment, and I feel so excited and alive when we find another piece of the puzzle that helps our appliances run more smoothly.

It's like being in an escape room and finding one clue after another. 😀

Maybe the thought of repairing or maintaining things in your home sounds like the last thing you want to do, and I totally get that.

Rather than encouraging you to do something that you don't want to do, I'm inviting you to try something new.

Even if you just go to a new restaurant, try something new on the menu at your favorite restaurant, take a different route home from work, or cook something new for dinner...

Anything you can do to break out of your usual routine will help you feel more alert, more alive, and more present in your life.

Trying something new (like a new hobby, a new project, a new family activity, or a new food) will either lead you to something fun and exciting that you really enjoy, or it will help you appreciate your daily routine with the things that you usually choose to eat or do.

I invite you to think of one new thing you can try this weekend to bring a sense of adventure into your life, and I'd love to hear about it! 😀

Much love to you,


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