January 27, 2023

Welcome, friend. 🤗

Do you feel the winds of change blowing all around you?

Today I feel guided to talk with you about something that I'm experiencing very deeply these days.

Are you in a season of life where you've let go of things that are no longer serving you (which is great!) but you don't feel so great?

Life has caused you to expand in new ways, and you don't have your familiar foundation to fall back on.

Things that used to be certain in your life are crumbling down all around you.

Change can be scary and tricky to navigate even when you know that it's for the best.

In the process of writing my book, I am coming face to face with beliefs that no longer feel aligned for me, and as excited as I am to expand into more joyful spaces, this time of transformation feels very unsettling.

I feel caught between everything I thought I knew and what life is calling me towards.

I've talked with a few of you who feel the same way right now.

You were starting to gain some momentum and happiness in your life, but as weights have started dropping off of you, you feel off balance and disoriented.

It feels like we've been turned into goop inside our cocoons where we are no longer caterpillars but not yet the butterflies that we will become. 🦋

During times like this, there are a few tools that can really help.

First, grounding yourself powerfully into the earth many times throughout the day will help you feel more stable and secure as your life is changing around you.

You can learn my favorite grounding technique in my Grounding letter here.

Second, I invite you to close your eyes in a minute and visualize the light inside of you expanding to fill your entire body.

Then feel it expanding out past your body on every side.

Imagine it growing and filling the room and building that you're in.

Then let your light expand out into the world in every direction as far as you can until you feel a sense of spaciousness and lightness.

Third, if you can find a form of movement that feels good to you each day (even if it's just going for a walk, doing some yoga, or putting on your favorite music for a quick dance party), you will feel much more grounded and present in your body as you adjust to the changes in your life.

Finally, find your favorite comedian on YouTube and watch some funny videos. It's so easy to take life super seriously when it's meant to be fun. Laughter can carry you through all kinds of situations.

It won't always feel like this.

Soon you will catch up with the expansion that life is calling you towards, and you will fly with your new butterfly wings. 🦋

You've got this.

You were made for this, and you are stronger than you know.

Sending you so much love and warm, comforting light from my cocoon to yours. 💛

Much love to you,


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You can connect with me on Facebook at facebook.com/amberkissler33.

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