November 18, 2022

Happy Friday!!!

I love seeing Christmas lights up around town already!

It feels so magical! 🎄🌟✨

Today I'd love to share with you one of my favorite games to play with Chad whenever we're tempted to worry about a situation in our lives.

I'd love for you to think about something that you've been anxious about lately and use this process to feel better about it.

Abraham Hicks taught me the "What If" Game, and it involves thinking about all of the things that could go right in a situation rather than all of the things that could go wrong.

What is the best possible scenario?

For instance, we are planning a trip to San Diego in February, and we could choose to worry about...

🔴 Chad not being able to take days off of work to go

🟠 how much money the trip is going to cost

🟡 getting sick before or during the trip

🟢 how stressful the trip could be


We could play the "What If" Game! 🎉

❤ What if Chad is easily able to get that week off of work?

🧡 What if planning this trip and dreaming about it is so much fun?

💛 What if the money easily shows up for all of the activities that we want to do in San Diego?

💚 What if we stay healthy before, during, and after the trip?

💙 What if this vacation is exactly what we need to nourish our souls in the middle of winter?

💜 What if Kip has so much fun on his first airplane ride and the kids travel easily?

💗 What if we are able to find ways to engage in really good self-care and semi-healthy eating on our trip?

❤ What if we have TOO MUCH FUN? 😃

Don't you feel better about our trip already?!? 😁

This is how I'd encourage you to think about the thing you're worried about.

Think about all of the best possible outcomes and write them down if you'd like.

It doesn't matter what the outcome actually is when you feel good on the way there.

You're more likely to end up at a destination that pleases you when you enjoy the journey along the way.

And whether your desired outcomes happen or not, things are always working out in your favor.


Play the game if you'd like, enjoy the process, feel good, and see what shows up.

You might be pleasantly surprised!

Have fun with this, and I will talk with you again next week!

Much love to you,


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