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November 24, 2023

Hello again! How was your Thanksgiving? 😀

We had a peaceful Thanksgiving filled with so much love and delicious food, and we had a really fun time in Mexico last week spending quality time with Chad's family.

The kids' favorite part was either the ocean or the animals.

We saw cats, coatis, flamingoes, a black swan, white swans, peacocks, a wild pig, blue morpho butterflies, lizards, and fish.

Chad and I had the best time chilling on the beach and going on our date night while Grandma and Grandpa watched all the grandkids.

Even though it was nice to get a break from our daily responsibilities for six days, I always love coming back home to healthy food, our own bed, and our self-care routine.

Vacations always remind me how much I have to be thankful for in my day-to-day life.

My heart has been bubbling up with appreciation for all of my blessings ever since we returned home.

I love the energy of thankfulness that permeates the month of November as we celebrate Thanksgiving in America.

This month is a fabulous opportunity to enter each day being thankful for all of the people and things that serve and support you in your daily activities.

When I wake up in the morning, I silently thank my bed for giving me a good night's sleep.

As I'm unloading the dishwasher, I like to thank our dishes for making it easier for us to nourish our bodies.

As I'm scrubbing my body in the shower, I thank it for allowing me to experience this life through my five senses.

When I'm unloading the dryer, I thank our washer and dryer for doing all the work of cleaning our clothes (thank God we don't have to do it the old-fashioned way!!!).

During our airplane ride coming home from Mexico, the screaming/crying toddlers gave me a fantastic opportunity to be thankful for my peaceful children who are easy to travel with. 💜

You can look around your life at any moment in time and find a gazillion things to be thankful for.

The awesome benefit of going about your day and saying "Thank you!" to each person, thing, and experience that presents itself to you is that you'll be filled with so much joy and energy. 🌟

When we're not resisting life (but rather thanking it for its many blessings), we have boundless energy and unending joy.

When we spend more and more time appreciating even the little things, life starts supporting us with so much ease and flow as we go about our days, and problems melt away.

Instead of looking for problems to solve or things to complain about throughout the day, start thanking the good and the "bad" for being a part of your life.

Every circumstance is a reflection of what's going on inside of you, and it's all helping you to know yourself more and to remember who you really are.

When you know who you really are and how powerful you truly are, nothing can stop you from creating the most magical life. ✨

For the rest of today, I encourage you to look at each person or situation that presents itself and to say silently to whatever is in front of you, "Thank you! I love you!"

Everything in life is here for your highest good, and it's all here to serve you.

Nothing can harm you.

You are a spiritual being in a physical body that is here for a joyful life experience.

We're not here to solve the problems of the world or to fight life.

The purpose of our lives is joy.

If your life is lacking in joy, it's simply because you've forgotten the millions of things that you have to be thankful for.

There is something to love and appreciate about EVERYTHING in your life- even the circumstances that seem exhausting or unfair.

Your job is to find the gold nuggets in your life and to shine a light on them through your appreciation so that they can grow into something even more amazing.

You can feed your worries with your attention or you can feed your blessings.

Either one will grow.

I invite you to try the "thank you" exercise for one day and watch how your joy expands exponentially.

Thank you for being here with me, and I love having you in my life. ❤️

Much love to you,


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