tell yourself the truth

December 1, 2023

Happy Friday! 🎉

I wanted to share another picture with you from our trip to Mexico.

Are you buckled up and ready for the adventure that is the month of December? 😁

I love the beginning of a new month, because it feels like a fresh start.

It's a chance to release the old things that aren't working for you so you can begin anew.

I'm going to be really honest with you in this letter, and I hope that my authenticity will inspire you to tell yourself the truth about what you really want.

How many times do we pray really hard for things or try to manifest things into our lives that we think we really want just to discover that we really desire something so much greater than what we're asking for?

Maybe someone has convinced us that we should want something or maybe an old version of us wanted this thing that we're chasing after.

But if we're really honest with ourselves, we're tired of the chase, and the whole thing feels empty and meaningless.

We're ready to give up.

We're ready to surrender.

At one point in time, I thought I wanted any guy that would give me attention since I felt unlovable.

After my hysterectomy, I thought I wanted to adopt a baby since that's what most people thought we should do.

Up until the last month or so, I thought I wanted to build a highly successful relationship coaching business to help Chad escape from his job.

When each of my "dreams" came crumbling down around me with each rejection and unanswered prayer, it gave me the opportunity to become really clear about what my heart actually wanted.

What I actually wanted was something so much more fulfilling than anything I was asking for.

Instead of settling for a guy simply because he paid attention to me, God knew that I really desired a husband who would love me unconditionally and inspire me to love myself.

Instead of adopting a baby (which is a high calling for those who are spirit-led in that direction), we really, really desired a biological child whose pregnancy we could be really involved in.

Instead of using this phase of my life to juggle being a stay-at-home wife, a homeschooling mom, and a relationship coach, I really desire to continue living out my lifelong dream of being a full-time wife and mom.

I thought I could be a better wife by building a successful business to help my husband retire from a job that he no longer loves, but I was cutting off parts of myself in the process (like the major introvert part of me 😂).

I don't want to be on social media with all of the chaotic energy, and I don't want to yell my message from the rooftops in hopes that people will hear me and want to transform their lives.

I want to live my quiet, peaceful, beautiful life with Chad and the kids while inspiring you in this intimate space to live the life that you actually want to be living.

I want to choose to see Chad thriving and feeling so free no matter where he chooses to work during this phase of his life.

I am here to fully support him as he follows his heart's desires without pinching myself off from my own desires in the process.

Life knows how to give us both far more than what we think we want, and life wants to bless you in far bigger ways than you can even imagine right now.

If you feel like you are settling for less than an incredibly meaningful and magical life, where do you need to start telling yourself the truth?

If you are suffering or stressed out in any area of your life, that suffering is pointing you to your truth.

It is showing you areas where you are yearning for more.

Maybe not more in terms of what this world defines as success but more of what your heart and soul are crying out for- more of YOU.

Please stop pinching yourself off from you and start asking for what you actually desire.

What actually satisfies and fulfills you?

What do you really want beneath all of that stuff that you think you want?

Imagine having everything that you think you want and then everything you'll want after that.

When you have ALL THE THINGS you could ever possibly want, what would you want then?

What would you desire to spend your life doing?

Whatever you would want to be doing and whatever would give you a sense of purpose, that's your truth.

That's what really satisfies and fulfills you.

Do more of that now- as much as you can.

That's how you tell yourself the truth and live by your truth.

Much love to you,


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