November 21, 2022

Hello, friend! 😀

It's Thanksgiving week, and I hope you've been having fun finding all of the things that bring you joy.

You know, joy is a conscious choice.

We tend to think that joy and happiness just happen given the right circumstances, but joy is something that we choose moment by moment.

Are we choosing to look for all of the gifts in our lives or are we choosing to focus on problems that we probably can't even solve on our own anyway?

Lately I have been reading The Magic of Surrender (I read A LOT of books 😁), and Kute talks about surrendering to what wants to happen in your life.

We can get so caught up trying to control everything and trying to get life to fit into the tiny box that we've made for it, and that's just not how the magic happens.

Life/God/Source (whatever you want to call it) has a much bigger perspective on your life than you do, and it knows exactly how to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

In all of your fretting, planning for the worst, and controlling every little detail of your life, you aren't making space for anything larger than you to show up and bring the miracles.

If you are a fretter or an overplanner or a control freak, I completely understand!

I know what it's like to feel like you have to control every little thing.

You've been through some stuff in your life, and you are SO OVER IT!

I totally get it.

What if, for just a few days, you decided to release your tight grip on life to see what shows up?

Could you try approaching life from a space of curiosity and wonder instead of grasping, manipulating, and trying to control it all the time?

Doesn't that sound lighter and easier?

Does it seem like you could stop trying so hard and just relax? Just maybe?

Could you open your mind and heart to the possibility that life/God actually likes you and it/He is working everything out for your highest good?

Could you make it your full-time mission to look for the little miracles and the little blessings in your life?

Anytime you feel like you're struggling against life or carrying a heavy burden, can you consciously drop it and choose to trust that life's got this?

Try trusting just this once.

I know it might be hard and you might be fighting to the death before you're willing to trust, but can you listen for just a minute to someone who has also had an incredibly hard time trusting life over the years?

Everything that you want is on the other side of this resistance.

When you're willing to drop it and surrender, everything that you've been asking for can come flowing into your life so much easier than you can even imagine.

You don't have to struggle to keep yourself safe or to attract abundance.

You don't have to work your butt off to make your dreams come true.

Life has SO MUCH that it wants to give you, and it can only reach you if you lower your walls to receive.

Allow all of the things that you want to come to you by making an intentional decision to choose joy and gratitude in as many moments of the day as you can.

Life really is so much simpler than we've made it.

It doesn't have to be SO DAMN HARD.

What if life could be easy and abundant and full of miracles and synchronicities?

What if life has a bigger plan for you than you have for yourself?

What if life wants to bless you more than you could ever imagine?

What if life really is on your side?

What if life wants to give things to you every moment of every day?

What if you don't have to earn or struggle or fight for any of it?

Are your fists unclenched and your walls down to receive these gifts?

Do you feel relaxed and easy and in the flow of life?

This is where the miracles take place.

This is where magic can happen! ✨

I encourage you to notice each time you feel your walls coming up to protect you today and to consciously push those walls back down (or just watch them slowly disappear into the ground).

Feel the spaciousness and the freedom you have when you're not boxed in by your walls.

Trust that life is FOR you- every little bit of it (no matter how it appears).

Release that grip, relax, and think of something that lights you up when you do it.

And go do the thing!

Right now!

Okay, maybe not right now if your boss won't let you 😉, but maybe in a bit when you have some free time.

The goal is to lighten up, let life do its job, and find what brings you joy.

That's how you can create the most extraordinary life.

I promise it's not so bad. 😉

I love you, thanks for hanging out with me today, and I'll see you on Wednesday! ❤

Much love to you,


P.s. If you need some help surrendering, I highly recommend The Magic of Surrender by Kute Blackson. You can buy the book here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

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