December 9, 2022

Happy Friday!

Today I'd love to talk with you about something that I've been reminded of over and over again recently. And that is- slowing down and savoring the little moments.

I have been busy writing my book, writing these letters, doing Christmas shopping, getting ready for Christmas with baking, wrapping presents, and all the things, planning our trip for next year, homeschooling, and doing my normal mom and wife things.

My body is asking me to SLOW DOWN.

I keep getting reminders from the Universe that slowing down will get me where I want to go faster than burning myself out running around in circles.

Maybe you've been running around like a chicken with your head cut off recently, and you just need permission to slow down.

Here is your permission.

Here is your invitation to close your eyes for one minute and take three of the deepest breaths that you can possibly take.

I'll wait...

It's great to work toward goals and to feel productive as you check things off your list, but are you allowing yourself to be happy NOW?

Are you enjoying life NOW before you reach your goal or get all the things done?

What would you love to do today just for fun?

How could you slow down and enjoy the gift that is your life rather than waiting for some destination in the future to let yourself relax and have fun?

I hope you find many moments for rest and peace this week. ☕

I love you, sweet friend, and I'm wishing you a fun, relaxing weekend!

Much love to you,


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