July 21, 2023

Happy Friday! Do you love this picture that I chose for today's letter? 😂

I know I said I want to keep these letters easy to read and digest, but today we're taking a deep dive into you.

Are you ready for this? 😁

Our homework in Modern Mentor this week has been to pick something that we complain about most in our lives.

I invite you to think about something in your own life that you complain about a lot.

What are your main complaints in that area?

Feel free to write them down if you really want to make a shift.

My area of complaint this week was Chad's job in law enforcement.

It is insanely stressful both physically and emotionally.

It negatively impacts his well-being with the schedule being all over the place, his hips have to carry extra weight all day with his duty belt, and he doesn't always get a break to eat or go to the bathroom.

It adds a lot of unnecessary drama to our lives with the focus of his job being on other people's problems.

See! I am really good at complaining when I want to be, and I bet you are too. 😂

So go ahead and list out all of your complaints.

Once you know your main complaints, what are the hidden beliefs under those complaints?

For example, I've been believing that since every other area of our lives is absolutely fantastic, I need to have drama somewhere.

Enter Chad's job.

I've been holding onto the belief that I don't deserve to be happy 100% of the time.

We're all going to have sadness and frustration in our lives at times, but we limit own our happiness far more than we need to.

I also believe that I must create problems in my life so that I have something to fix.

How boring would life be if I had nothing to fix?

Then I could just enjoy my life instead of always being on the lookout for something to fix?


Can you resonate with any of these beliefs?

Are you becoming aware of the beliefs that you use to limit your own happiness?

Now you get to decide on your new commitments.

Instead of being committed to your beliefs that keep you stuck in your complaints, what new beliefs would serve you better?

With Chad's job, I now choose to believe that we can release the drama and find things to appreciate about it.

It supports us financially.

It has given us a lot of clarity about what we want in our lives.

It has made us stronger as a couple.

I now choose to believe that every area of our lives gets to be filled with fun and joy.

This might mean that Chad's job gets exchanged for something more fun.

I choose to release drama completely from my life and to believe that I deserve nothing but happiness.

What new commitments and beliefs do you want to have in your life?

How do these new beliefs feel to you- freeing, relaxing, peaceful, joyful, etc.?

What if you don't have to live your life with drama?

You always get to choose what you are committed to in your life.

You can either be committed to your complaints or you can be committed to your joy.

You get to decide.

I hope this exercise has been really eye-opening for you, and I will see you next week!

Much love to you,


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