remember the truth

May 31, 2024

Welcome to another beautiful day where anything is possible! 😀

I'm sending you so much love and light today. 💜🌟

I was listening to a Tom Kearin YouTube short (shared below), and he was talking about seeing beyond your current 3D conditions.

Recently I talked about how we are playing this game of life or watching this 3D movie (however you prefer to think about your experience here on Earth), and I discussed how we often get sucked into the drama of it all because we think that what we're seeing is real.

Everything that we experience with our five senses appears to be real just like what you're watching on a virtual reality headset appears to be real.

However, there's a deeper truth than whatever you happen to be witnessing in your life right now.

Maybe you're experiencing contrast in the area of your health, your relationships, or your financial situation.

Although these unwanted conditions appear to be real, they are not.

The truth is that you are perfect health and well-being, you are peace, you are love, you are abundance, you are joy, and you are God.

These 3D circumstances are just reflecting back to you your old thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions.

The more that you declare who you are as abundance, love, joy, peace, and perfect health, the more you'll see the truth of who you are reflected back to you in this 3D movie.

You don't have to resist or try to escape from your current conditions even though you know they aren't the truth.

You can make peace with them knowing that they're not here to stay and by remembering that you are God and you are more powerful than any temporary conditions.

Be still and know that you are God in the midst of whatever you're going through (see Rose's video below).

Also, decide which aspects of yourself you want to experience moving forward.

Affirm that you are perfect health and well-being and visualize yourself living your healthiest and most energetic life.

How does it feel to be vital and alive? 🌟

(If you've been dealing with allergies or sinus congestion lately, I've shared a facial and neck massage video by Dr. Adam Fields down below that I do every morning to feel more clear, healthy, and happy. Enjoy!)

Affirm that you are abundance and see yourself buying the things you want with great ease and joy. 💵

See the money in your life expanding in magical ways to support all of your desires. ✨

Affirm that you are joy and see yourself doing the things that light you up. 🌟

Feel yourself dancing through life with the biggest smile on your face. 💃🏼

Remember the truth of who you are and know that your visualizations are more real than your current conditions.

Your desires are more real than anything that's annoying you in your life today.

You are a Master Creator, and you'll attract all the resources you need to support you in the highest vision that you hold of yourself.

You get to decide how you're going to experience yourself and your life from here.

You get to choose where you place your attention.

I invite you to focus on the truth of who you are.

🌟 "You are God; there is no other." ~Tom Kearin 🌟

We are headed to Moab next week, so you'll hear from me again in a couple weeks. 🙂

Much love to you,


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