March 3, 2023

Happy Friday! We get to talk about relationships today! 😀

For this letter, I chose this photo of my family and me behind a waterfall at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

I love the visual of a waterfall when it comes to the topics of abundance, well-being, love, and joy, because all of these things are always flowing to you and me. We just aren't always aware of the flow when we're focused on our problems.

Anyways, back to the topic of relationships.

Chad and I have already started receiving ideas for the fun relationship course that we're planning to launch this fall, and I just want to share with you some of our beliefs around relationships that can help you to uplevel any relationship that you are in.

Every relationship in your life is simply a reflection of the beliefs that you hold.

If you're noticing a lack of love in your relationships, it means that you are lacking love for yourself and that you don't believe you are worthy of love.

Do you speak loving words to yourself or do you criticize and judge yourself all the livelong day?

This will be reflected in your relationships.

If you believe that relationships are hard and that you have to sacrifice in order to make your relationships work, can you guess what's going to appear in your relationships?

If you believe that your relationships get to be easy and fun, then you'll have a blast in your relationships!

Whatever your relationship beliefs are, you likely picked them up from the relationships that you observed when you were a small child.

You have been unconsciously holding onto these beliefs and using them as the blueprint for your adult relationships.

What did you see and hear in the relationships around you growing up? Take a minute to think about this.

Was there a lot of conflict and struggle?

If so, you likely believe that conflict and struggle are a normal part of relationships, especially serious romantic relationships.

The key to changing your relationship beliefs so that you can actually have fun and ease in your relationships is to first become aware of your current beliefs.

What did you learn from watching your parents or other significant people in your life?

After the awareness comes the decision.

Do you want to hold onto your current beliefs or would you like to trade them in for more constructive beliefs?

The reason that Chad and I have such a fun, easy marriage is because we truly believe that marriage gets to be easy and fun.

People might say that we're lucky since marriage is so easy for us, but it truly comes down to our underlying beliefs around marriage.

What new beliefs would you like to adopt in your significant relationships?

Start looking for evidence that these new beliefs are true in your own relationships or in the relationships of others (look at the most joyful relationships around you).

You can also start visualizing that these new beliefs are true in your relationships.

See yourself laughing and having a great time with each of the people in your life.

Your imagination is your most powerful tool for creating fabulous relationships and an extraordinary life for yourself.

If someone in your life is not ready to have lots of fun in their relationship with you, they will slowly disappear from your awareness, and you will attract more loving, fun, joyful people into your life.

Everything in your life is responding to your beliefs, so I invite you to choose the beliefs that feel most powerful and joyful to you.

You can write down your new beliefs and keep looking for proof of them everywhere- even on social media.

You will see evidence of amazing relationships that will inspire you to create amazing relationships in your own life. ❤️

I love you, and I am so thankful that you have taken the time to hang out with me today!

Let's do this again sometime. 😉

Much love to you,


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