relationships are a mirror

March 22, 2024

Good morning, sweet friend!

It's a great day to be alive! 💜

Today I'm excited to talk with you about relationships again, but this time we'll talk about how all of your relationships are a mirror of your own self-love.

You probably have some really great relationships that are reflecting back to you the love that you have for yourself.

You might not think that you have much love for yourself, but if you have people who deeply love and support you, you have some good self-love going on. 😀

If you have some strained relationships, you are seeing a reflection of some areas where you could love yourself more.

I was watching a short video by Hedley Derenzie recently (posted below), and she was saying that "everyone is you pushed out".

Everyone in your world is reflecting back to you whatever you have going on inside.

This can be super frustrating when someone is being a pain in the butt!

After you allow yourself to feel frustrated about the situation, this can be a wonderful opportunity to become aware of where you're being a pain in the butt to yourself.

Are you speaking unkindly to yourself?

Are you "shoulding" all over yourself instead of just letting you be exactly as you are?

("Shoulding" means loading yourself up with shoulds all day long. "I should do this. I should do that. I should be this. I should be that.")

Are you willing to start listening to your self-talk so that you can treat yourself with more love and care?

In another example, if some of the most important people in your life seem to ignore you and don't really care about your needs, think about how you might be so focused on other people's needs that you are ignoring your own needs.

If you are feeling abandoned or betrayed, how might you be abandoning and betraying yourself in order to please the people in your life?

If someone is treating you poorly, are you willing to set boundaries in your relationship with them while finding ways to be more kind to yourself?

I've had to do a lot of introspection lately as I've been wanting to improve a friendship that used to feel really close and then suddenly felt very distant.

I had to look at where I've been distancing myself from love by building walls around my heart to keep love out.

Once I lowered my walls and started treating myself with more love and compassion, I felt led to write a message of appreciation to this friend for the beautiful ways that she's touched my life.

Suddenly our friendship is thriving again. 🌸

Even though relationships can provide a lot of contrast in your life, they are also the path of your greatest growth and your most intense joy. 🎆

Doing the inner work of talking lovingly to yourself, lowering your walls, allowing yourself to be the brilliant light that you are, and shining your love and appreciation to those in your life will make every single one of your relationships so much more incredible. 🩷🩷🩷

The relationships that you've outgrown will float away like clouds to make space for exciting new relationships.

My wish is for you to experience more love and joy in your relationships than you ever imagined possible! 💕💕💕

Much love to you,


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