April 21, 2023

Thank God it's Friday! Have you also been feeling overwhelmed lately?

With all of the responsibilities on my plate right now, I've been feeling very overwhelmed and emotional.

Maybe you're also juggling a lot of needs at work or at home, and you're over it.

Whenever life starts feeling heavy and I just want to take my family and run away, I know that I need to carve out more time for self-care.

I need to put my projects aside (like my book) and take time to refresh my soul.

For me this means having quiet time to read, journal, and take a nap.

What activities nourish you and bring you back to your happy self?

Today's letter is your permission slip to sneak away and do whatever would fill your cup this weekend.

Even if you only have 30 free minutes, invest that time into your well-being and sanity.

Take time away from whatever projects you're working on.

Spend some time dreaming about how you'd like your life to be and how you want to be feeling during this season of your life.

Appreciate how far you've come rather than focusing on how much further you still have to go to reach your goals.

Bask in the beauty of nature and let yourself just breathe.

Just be for a little while.

It is so much easier to focus on the blessings in your life when you love yourself enough to make time for you.

You deserve it!

I'm wishing you a replenishing weekend, and I'll see you next week!

Much love to you,


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