September 23, 2022

Welcome back! I am so excited to be here with you again!

I have one more really powerful tool for you today as we continue talking about living fully in the moment.

The thing that distracts us the most from being present in our lives is our thoughts.

They can feel like a strong current carrying us away, and we aren't sure how to free ourselves from their pull.

I have a tendency to grasp onto each thought that I have as if it's the most important truth in my life, and I lose myself in the process.

I've been taking Jeffrey Allen's online energy course called Duality, and this week he's been helping us to take a step back in our minds and allow our thoughts to just float away.

I like to visualize each thought as a cloud floating by or as a balloon floating up, up, and away.

Maybe you'd like to try this simple technique right now.

You can read the instructions first and then try it out.

Close your eyes and move your attention to the back of your head so that you can observe your thoughts on an invisible screen in front of you.

Allow any thoughts that you're having about anything and everything to flow into your awareness and see each one as a cloud floating right by or as a balloon floating up and out of your mind.

I like to do this for a minute or two until most of my thoughts have dissolved into thin air.

Usually, our thoughts just want to be seen or heard like a child saying, "Look at me! Look at me!" and then they will float back into space. 

I would encourage you to try this today when your mind feels cluttered with thoughts or when you feel stressed about a certain situation.

Allow all of the thoughts about the situation to float easily and effortlessly right out of your awareness as you observe from a distance.

Then you may wish to do a little mindful deep breathing before opening your eyes. 

I LOVE this tool, and I hope you feel so much more relaxed today after you use it. 

I am absolutely loving this conversation with you about being fully immersed and present in the moment, and I hope you're finding the tools useful!

Thank you for being here! 🤗

Much love to you,


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