October 3, 2022

Happy Monday! 💜

It's the beginning of a fresh week with infinite possibilities for blessings to show up in our lives. 😀

Let's take some time to ground ourselves in this moment and in this new week. 

Feel your column of light, your tree roots, your magnets, your anchor, etc. grounding you powerfully to the center of the earth.

Feel your legs and feet vibrate as you do this and feel your lower half getting really stable and secure.

You are coming into your full power, and nothing can knock you over. 

Now that you are connected to the strength, peace, and well-being at the center of the earth, let's dive deeper into the practice of grounding.

Grounding is such a helpful habit to get into when the seasons are changing, when you experience the daily changes and transitions in life, and when those life-altering moments happen that seem to overwhelm you.

The earth is always there to nourish you when you take the time to tap into its energy.

Besides giving you peace and strength in your daily life, grounding yourself allows you to be fully present and fully engaged in your life without getting overwhelmed by everything happening around you.

Time expands when you are present in each moment, and you will be amazed by how many rich and joyful experiences you can have in one day when you are fully immersing yourself and savoring each of the little moments in your day.

Grounding is incredibly useful when you're driving and surrounded by drivers who are looking to earn a safe driving coupon from my husband. 😉

Any time you're feeling anxious while driving, try to remember to ground yourself and your car.

You can ground yourself when you are speaking to a group of people, when you are working on a project, when you are going about your daily activities, when you are dealing with an angry/frustrated person, when you are working out, and even when you are eating.

Being fully present in your body helps you to make food choices that are more likely to nourish your body since you can feel your body's subtle cues regarding which foods it wants to eat. 

Here's an interesting tool I learned from Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness:

If you're thinking about eating something but are unsure about whether or not it will be helpful to your body, you can hold the food with both hands, place it just above your belly against your solar plexus, and stand firmly grounded with your feet hip-width apart.

Close your eyes and give your body a minute to sway towards the food or away from it.

If it sways towards the food, the food will likely be nourishing to your body in that moment.

If your body sways back and away from the food, you may want to pick something else to eat.

(I can't guarantee that this works perfectly every time, but it's fun to experiment with a new way to communicate with your body. 😊)

I've noticed in my own life that the quickest way for me to throw myself off balance and to feel ungrounded is when I rush around to get things done.

I could be powerfully grounded one moment, but if I get in my head and starting poking and prodding myself to do this and do that- faster, faster- I immediately lose energy and my sense of being grounded. 

By reminding myself that everything happens at the right time and place (and by giving myself 15 extra minutes to do something), I can breathe deeper and stay grounded more easily. 

Think about the times when you notice yourself feeling weak, vulnerable, anxious, and ungrounded.

What are you doing in those moments and how can you change what you're doing?

Sometimes observing your thoughts or breathing deeply is all you need to feel stable and centered again. 

You are always connected to the center of the earth.

It's simply a matter of being aware of that connection that gives you the feelings of security and strength.

Interested in learning other ways that you can feel more grounded?

Here's a list of things you can choose from:

~Being out in nature

~Going for a walk

~Moving your body (exercise, yoga, dancing around the house to your favorite music, etc.)

~Taking a bath

~Eating- especially foods that feel deeply nourishing to your body (root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and beets can be extra grounding if your body likes them)

~Drinking water

~Doing mindful breathing exercises (especially breathing in peace and breathing out stress)

~Playing an instrument or singing

~Laughing (watch those funny videos 😀)

~Playing with your kids or pets

~Making things with your hands (engaging in your hobbies)

~Playing with PlayDoh

~Engaging in self-care of any kind

~Anything that engages your senses (looking at beautiful things, stopping to smell the roses, eating your favorite comfort foods, listening to beautiful music, snuggling up with a soft blanket, touching something soft, having sex, etc.)

~Anything else you can think of that easily brings you into the moment and makes you forget about what time it is

If you'd like, you can make a list of all of the things that bring you fully into the moment and play around with different grounding tools this week to see which ones work best for you.

All of these additional tools have the greatest benefit when you ground yourself with your grounding light/roots/magnets/anchor first. 

Enjoy a week of feeling deeply grounded and supported by the earth and let me know which tools are your favorite! 💜

Much love to you,


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