November 28, 2022

It's Money Monday! 💵

I might make this a thing, because I just love talking about money! 😀

You can do SO MANY good things in your family's life and in the world when you have extra money to spend.

Today's money topic is money blocks.

These are all the different ways that you put your umbrella up to block the money that is trying to rain down on you. ☔

You aren't born with these money blocks.

Someone (or many people) showed you how to put up your umbrella in a variety of ways.

People in your life have taught you that it is not safe to stay in the receiving mode and that life can't be trusted.

The people who taught you this believed in scarcity and lack- most likely because they were taught by someone else that the world is full of scarcity.

If you want to create a different reality in your life than your money block teachers created in theirs, it's time to give them back their money blocks.

I like to picture a box filled with money blocks and other limiting beliefs about life taped up and labeled "BOX OF CRAP".

Anytime you notice yourself having a thought about money that doesn't feel good like:

🧱 "I don't have enough money"

🧱 "Money doesn't come easily to me"

🧱 "I don't deserve to have a lot of money"

🧱 "I have to work hard and struggle for money" can take that box of crap filled with your money blocks and imagine that you're handing it back to the person who taught you how to block.

You don't even have to know who taught you your limiting beliefs around money.

You can simply take that box and drop it down the tunnel that leads to the center of the earth so it can be transformed into beliefs that will make your life better.

How much more fun and abundant could life be if you weren't carrying around other people's limited ideas about how the world works?

Look out in nature.

When you see the blades of grass or the pine needles on an evergreen tree or the grains of sand on the beach or the number of snowflakes on the lawn after a big snowfall, does it look like nature believes in scarcity?

No way, Jose!

Nature is the ultimate receiver of all abundance.

Nature trusts that life will always provide.

Nature knows that there is enough abundance to go around. 😀

I love the pie analogy that I learned from Abraham Hicks.

So many people in this world believe that there is one pie representing all of the money and abundance in the world and that everyone has to share this pie.

If someone takes a really big slice, that leaves less for the rest of us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Abraham teaches that we each have our own pie.

Each time you desire more, your pie gets bigger.

Everyone gets to have their pie as big as they want it, and no one can take a slice of your pie.

There is plenty of abundance to go around, because we each have our very own pie. 🥧

So why can't we see this?

Why don't we trust that life will always give us more than we need?

It's often because we are looking at all of the things that are going "wrong" instead of focusing on what's going right.

Technically, everything is always working out for you, but some things do appear to be going wrong sometimes.

Believe it or not, things are shifting and changing to make this world better and better.

Over time, our lives, technology, and nature's abundance just keep getting better and better and better when we view life from the lens of abundance.

You can choose to put on the glasses of scarcity and lack, or you can put on the glasses of prosperity and abundance. 👓

Your choice in lenses will determine what you see.

If you don't like what you're seeing with one pair of glasses, you can quickly and easily switch to the other pair.

If you would like to see the world as a prosperous, abundant, and safe place, look for everything that is beautiful, loving, joyful, abundant, spacious, and peaceful all around you.

(Hint: You probably won't find many of these things on the news. 😉)

Spend time appreciating these beautiful things.

When your focus shifts to lack and scarcity, switch your glasses and return once again to thoughts of abundance and appreciation (but only if you want to be happy).

There is so much to appreciate even in your immediate surroundings right now.

 You have air to breathe, your heart is beating, and your trillions of cells are doing their jobs without your input.

 You will never run out of things to be thankful for if you choose to live from a place of appreciation.

The choice truly is yours.

Will you hold onto your boxes of crap and your scarcity glasses or will you return them all to where they belong and choose to see the world as an abundant, friendly, joyful, beautiful place? 🌸

I hope this letter has opened your eyes to the new possibilities that are available to you, and I look forward to our time together on Wednesday! 😀

Much love to you,


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