making a transition

March 1, 2024

Hello again! 👋🏼

How are you feeling today?

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts, because we are making a transition from the day shift to the night shift.

Chad's schedule changes every three months, so we are constantly adapting and adjusting as best as we can to whatever shift Chad is working.

I know a lot of people going through some pretty big transitions right now like changing jobs, moving across the country, adapting to life after a layoff, and adjusting to life without their significant other.

These transitions can take months to adjust to, so please give yourself a huge helping of grace if you are going through a big life change right now. 💜

Chad and I have learned that the most helpful ways to make a smooth transition are:

  1. Be incredibly flexible with your routine while keeping all of your self-care activities in your schedule
  2. Give yourself plenty of time for rest, relaxation, and fun
  3. Adjust your activities daily if needed
  4. Clear your calendar of everything that isn't absolutely essential (unless it's something that is deeply nourishing to your well-being)
  5. Keep talking and connecting with the most important people in your life as you experience all kinds of emotions with this life change
  6.  Find ways to move your body daily in a way that feels really good (even light exercise like walking or gentle yoga can help you process your emotions during this time of transition)

If it feels like your world has just been turned upside down (or is about to be turned upside down), know that you are not alone.

Chad and I are right there with you. ❤️

If you have a journal, you can get it out and list all the ways that this transition is actually a huge blessing in your life even if it feels uncomfortable and anxiety-filled right now.

Bring your focus back to the gifts in this situation as often as you can.

There's no sense in fighting life during this time by trying to hold onto your old life.

You've expanded beyond your old life, and it no longer fits.

The quicker you can release your resistance and go with the flow (while focusing on the positive aspects of the transition), the happier you will be.

So much love to you,


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