June 2, 2023

Good morning, sweet friend! I'm so glad you're here! 🙂

Today I would love to chat about living from the dream rather than living from circumstance.

This past week, I've become very aware of all the ways in which I allow my current circumstances to push me around and overwhelm me.

Do you also find yourself reacting strongly to stressful situations in your life?

I firmly believe that we create our own reality, and if there are overwhelming or stressful circumstances in our lives, it's because we have unconsciously asked for them to come strip away the parts of our lives that are not in alignment with our deepest desires.

Do you feel like you're going through a refining process in your life right now with some uncomfortable circumstances?

Are you allowing these situations to help you clarify what's really important to you while letting go of everything else that doesn't really matter?

During this week's lesson in Modern Mentor, I learned to look at the contrast or turbulence in my life and say, "This is perfect! I might not know why this is perfect, but I trust that this situation is exactly what I need in order to be the person that I want to be. I surrender."

As soon as we stop resisting life, we start shifting into the version of us who is living out our biggest dreams.

Life starts bringing the pieces of the puzzle together in miraculous ways.

Maybe you've had a burning desire for a long time now.

It might involve your health, your finances, your career, your relationships, your living situation, or something else.

I invite you to give a name to the version of you who is already experiencing this dream come true.

Your dream version could be "Vibrant & Alive [Your Name]", "Retired [Your Name]", "Financially Free [Your Name]", "Mama [Your Name]", "Passionate and In Love [Your Name]", etc.

Once you have a name for the person you desire to be, I encourage you to take on that identity from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Think the thoughts that this version of you is thinking, feel how you will feel when you are living out your desire, and act from a place of knowing that your dream is already yours.

If, for instance, your desired version is "Financially Free Phyllis", are you constantly thinking about money, feeling fearful about your financial future, and acting from a place of lack and scarcity?

No way!

You are thinking about how thankful you are to be financially free.

You are planning fun things that you'd love to do.

You are feeling fully supported by money.

You are acting on whatever your heart desires.

You are living from a place of abundance and prosperity.

(You can do this by focusing on all of the abundance that you already have in other areas of your life.)

Even if you're struggling financially right now, you can look at your current financial situation and say, "This is perfect! I surrender to whatever beauty is being birthed through this situation."

You can visualize your new desired reality with lots of money in the bank.

You can feel how it will feel to be financially free (FREEDOM! Ahhh! It feels so good!).

You can be thankful for your financial freedom.

You can decide what you would love to do now that you're financially free, and you can go do it (or at least parts of it- whatever you can possibly do right now to live your dream).

Act in faith that your burning desire is already yours.

The more you step into the version of you who already has everything that you want, the quicker you will see all of your dreams come true.

I invite you to stop giving your current circumstances so much power and to focus on what you want to be seeing and experiencing in your life.

Are you ready to surrender, let go of what isn't working in your life, and make space for what you want?

Become the new version of you today.

I've really enjoyed sharing the lessons that I've been learning, and I hope you have fun deciding on a name for the version of you who is living the dream!

Much love to you,


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