lean into freedom

October 27, 2023

Happy Friday!

It's beginning to feel a lot like fall here in Colorado. 🍂

Are you ready to lean into freedom with me today?

Have you taken time recently to really think about what brings you joy in this season of your life?

As you grow and expand in consciousness, the things that bring you joy will change.

Things that once seemed like so much fun will feel lifeless and boring.

Things that once nourished your soul will feel empty and meaningless.

You are meant to keep changing and evolving over time.

You are meant to feel more free as time passes since you are hopefully releasing more and more things that no longer serve you.

Given your current life circumstances, what would feel so freeing for you to do this weekend or next week?

What could you add to or subtract from your daily routine that would help you lean into the feeling of freedom?

Chad and I upgraded to unlimited data this week (woohoo!!! 🎉), and I am leaning into feelings of freedom by taking nature walks with music while my family is still asleep in the morning.

Maybe you feel free when you take time to go to yoga or dance class.

Maybe you feel free when you release something from your schedule that's not super important.

Maybe you feel free when you ease up on the diet that you've been strictly following or when you give yourself a rest day from your normal activities.

When you prioritize yourself and your mental and emotional health, you feel so happy and free.

Allow there to be joy in the journey and lean into freedom as often as you can.

Most of us take life way too seriously.

Life is supposed to be fun! 😀

I'll leave you with a song that my coach shared with our Modern Mentor group this week.

It's the song I listen to on my walks in the morning to lean into feelings of freedom and gratitude.

Enjoy! 💜

Much love to you,


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