May 15, 2023

Welcome to a new week! 🤗

Today I'm excited to talk about setting impossible goals for yourself.

Over the weekend, I was reading 10x is Easier Than 2x- a brand new book about making quantum leaps in your life.

The authors say that experiencing 10x more success in any area of your life is actually easier to achieve than simply doubling your success, because it requires you to lean on your inner guidance for new ideas and possibilities and to stop doing all the things that are a waste of your time.

Dan Sullivan and Dr. Hardy say that if your goals don't feel impossible, they aren't big enough.

I've also heard somewhere that your dreams aren't big enough if they don't scare you.

When you can simply rely on your current wisdom and knowledge to reach your goals, you're not going to make quantum leaps in your life.


Because quantum leaps require you to dramatically shift your current beliefs.

Why would you even want to make a quantum leap in your life?

Do you know that feeling when you're on a rollercoaster or a water ride and you're scared but also having the time of your life?

If you don't like rollercoasters, think about something that you've done in your life that felt terrifying but also extremely exciting (maybe like pushing the limits on the speed limit 😂).

A quantum leap makes you feel so alive, because you are shooting for the moon and enjoying the beautiful view.

Quantum leaps allow you to collapse time and accomplish things in a much quicker time period than most people accomplish them.

You get to watch your dreams come true one right after the other.

If you're wanting to see massive improvement in any area of your life, I suggest you revisit your goals, decide on things that feel impossible to you in this moment (whatever gets your heart pumping with excitement like becoming a millionaire/billionaire, running a marathon, writing a book, going skydiving, etc.), ask your inner guidance for the next step to reach this goal, and stop doing all the things that you know aren't going to exponentially increase your health, wealth, and happiness.

Release what you think you "should" do in favor of what you want to do.

Your desires are safe guidance in the direction of your big dreams.

Do what you love to do.

Doing whatever excites you while having unwavering faith in your inner guidance is going to get you to 10x or even 100x success.

It's going to get you a wildly exciting life! 😃

I'll be reading more of the book this week so that I can share additional tips with you in future letters.

I can't wait to hear what big dreams you're going to allow yourself to dream!

Much love to you,


P.s. If you want to learn more about quantum leaping your life and making your life easier and more exciting in the process, you can buy the 10x is Easier Than 2x book here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. (The Kindle version is only $.99 today. Woohoo!) I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

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