May 12, 2023

Hello again! πŸ˜€ I am thrilled to be here talking with you about identity today. πŸ’œ

In Modern Mentor this week, I had the opportunity to decide what the best version of me looks and feels like.

When all of your current dreams have come true, how will you be feeling?

How will you be different than you are right now?

Take a minute to imagine yourself as this upgraded version of you.

I wrote out several pages about the best version of me, and it can all be summed up in one simple identity.

The best version of me is a "Radical Receiver".

Whatever you want in life is already yours.

You simply need to receive it.

If you would allow yourself to become a Radical Receiver by keeping your heart and your mind open to receive all of the gifts that life wants to give you, you would live an extraordinary life!

The problem is that we allow our minds to be filled with fear instead of love which makes us want to close our hearts and build invisible walls around ourselves to stay safe.

We block all of life's goodness with our closed hearts and invisible walls.

If you would be willing to shift each of your fearful thoughts into loving thoughts in the moments that you become aware of them, your heart would open more and more, and you would be in a place to receive far more love, joy, abundance, and well-being than you are willing to receive right now.

People think that receiving more in life means working harder and struggling more in order to earn more, but the truth is that receiving more means doing the mental work to shift from fear to love.

Instead of moving your body more to make more things happen in your life, go inside more and become more aware of your thoughts.

Your thoughts create your reality and project out into your physical world, so it makes sense to focus most of your energy and attention on thinking beautiful thoughts.

Kathleen challenged us this week to embody the best version of ourselves for 24 hours.

I embodied being a Radical Receiver by observing my fears and asking to see things differently.

We often forget to ask for help when we're trying to make changes in our lives.

We each have an insane amount of invisible help available to us at all times if only we would ask or pray.

It only takes a second to ask, "How could I see this situation differently?" any time you notice your fear.

Being a Radical Receiver also means seeing well-being everywhere.

When you choose to see everything and everyone in your life filled and surrounded by a bright light no matter what the circumstances look like, you are choosing to trust that well-being is always flowing to all of us at all times.

Trusting life a huge part of being a Radical Receiver.

You have to be willing to give up the struggle and let life take care of things for you.

When I notice that I am really trying to control a situation, I see myself handing all of the contents of that situation over to my invisible helpers so that they can do the work of arranging things in my favor.

It really is that simple to surrender and open yourself up to receive.

I invite you now to embody the Radical Receiver version of you today.

How does that version of you think and act?

If you still don't know, visualize yourself being the happiest and healthiest that you've ever been.

What things will you do when you are feeling perfectly healthy and outrageously happy and what feelings will you experience that you are not experiencing right now?

As you experiment with taking on this upgraded identity today, watch how you start acting and feeling differently right away.

Notice how you become happier and more peaceful.

In this happy and peaceful state, you will be inspired to take action that will deliver your dreams from your thoughts into your reality.

Have fun with this and let it be easy breezy. ☺️

I've had a blast hanging out with you today, and I'll see you again next week!

Much love to you,


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