September 27, 2022

Hi there! I am looking forward to the conversation we're going to have today. 💗

Yesterday we talked about creating your own sense of worthiness, and today we're going to dive deeper into that topic.

Following your joy and living the life of your dreams is only possible if you believe that you deserve to live your very best life. 

Before I started writing these letters to you, I wondered if what I had to say was enough.

I wondered if I'd have anything of value to add to your life.

I wondered if I was enough for this journey. 

So many times in life, we wonder if we are enough.... enough for our children, enough for our significant other, enough for our siblings, enough for our parents, enough for our friends, enough for our employer, enough for the things we are wanting to pursue, enough for society, enough for the world...

Are you doing enough?

For most of your life you may have defined success by your doing, but it's time for a major shift in perspective. 

It's not how much you do that determines your value and worth- it's who you be.

And who you are is always enough.

Who you are is worthy of everything that you desire.

Your worthiness isn't even in question. 

Can you just close your eyes for a minute and take a few deep breaths?

Can you feel your own worthiness?

Can you sense that life wants to gift you so much more than you are willing to receive in this moment?

Life wants to surprise and delight you with so many incredible things, but you have to be present in your life to receive them. 

Are you being as present as you want to be in your life right now?

Are you experiencing the kind of joy that you want to be experiencing? 

When you choose to follow your joy and live your best life, success is no longer measured by your accomplishments but rather by the amount of joy that you are experiencing in each moment. 

Are you following your joy?

Are you relaxed and present as you go about your day or are you tense and anxious? 

This is not about making yourself wrong if you've been living your life checked out, overwhelmed, or stressed out.

This is simply about checking in with yourself, realizing where you're at, and making the intention to choose for you and to choose in the direction of your joy a little more each day. 

You are on a lifelong journey of learning to be more and more present in your own life, and you will be amazed by how much your life changes for the better and how much richer every experience becomes as you consciously choose to be present in each moment. 

Simply being present behind your eyes, breathing mindfully, and observing your thoughts throughout the day is a great start.

You can add other tools as we go along, but let's keep this simple as we begin on this adventure. 

So, back to the question of "Am I enough?"

Whenever you notice yourself asking that question, let's switch it to "Am I present in this moment?

"Am I truly experiencing all of the beauty that is available for me to experience right now where I stand?"

If not, how can you bring more of you (more of your attention) to this present moment?

That is how you experience true success, overwhelming joy, and feelings of being more than enough.

Because you are enough.

You are so much more than enough. ❤️

Let that really sink in and be gentle with yourself as you look for areas of your life where you can be more present today.

I love you, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you tomorrow. 😘

Much love to you,


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