September 29, 2022

Welcome to a special kind of conversation today as we discuss something near and dear to our hearts- our invisible loved ones. 💙

This morning I got a text from one of my very best friends telling me that she made the extremely tough decision to put her beloved Romeo to sleep in the middle of the night. I bawled with her as I thought about the pain that she is experiencing right now and as I realized that we will never see Romeo's sweet face again.

I remembered the feelings of loss and grief that I experienced a couple years ago after my dog S'more passed away. In these moments, there truly are no words that can soothe a broken heart in the way that we wish we could comfort someone who is going through such a devastating loss.

All we can do is be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a warm hug that offers the only kind of comfort that we have to offer.

It's in times like these that I turn to spiritual teachers who have a better grasp on this whole concept of death and grief than I do. My favorite teacher on this topic is Abraham Hicks.

I know that what Abraham talks about is controversial since there are so many opinions about death, but this is the point of view that most resonates with me. If it doesn't feel right to you, I completely understand, and you may want to skip this letter. Follow your own truth please.

I am going to summarize Abraham's video on grief and loss and include some things I've learned from other spiritual teachers on this subject. I have Abraham's YouTube video below if you want to listen to the whole thing. This will be beneficial to you if you're still struggling with the loss of a loved one- whether he/she was a person or a pet.

Abraham says, "Your awareness of your pet is a part of who you are." Pets bring us into the moment. They give us our own full presence, and that's why it hurts so damn much when they become invisible.

"You are uniquely who you are because of your relationship with your pet." Pets are consistently in alignment with who they are, and they inspire us to be in alignment with who we truly are.

They make our alignment with ourselves really easy. They ground us into the moment. The grief comes from alignment not being so easy to access once the physical body is gone. 

"Your grief is really you missing your connection to the whole of who you are." We become dependent on our pets for love and for aligning ourselves with who we really are, and when our loved one becomes invisible, it feels like we're left alone to struggle as we find our own alignment. 

Your pet came into this life with you to help you know who you really are, and he/she will continue on that journey with you as a spiritual, non-physical being They are still very much interested in the life you are living, and they want to make their presence known to you. 

As Allisha told me this morning, a grounding practice is going to be really helpful for her during this time of grieving, because grounding puts us into alignment with who we really are like our pets do for us.

It breaks our hearts to lose the connection we had with our loved one knowing that it will never be the same again. Learning to establish a new connection with our invisible loved one takes some time, because it involves building a whole new relationship with them in a form that we are not used to. 

When we grieve the loss of our loved one, we are forgetting the truth that there is no death- just a shifting in perspective. 

You are a spiritual, non-physical being having a physical experience just like your pets, and you flow between physical and non-physical just like they do. The physical world is giving us a different perspective than we get when we are purely non-physical. 

Your pet has just switched his/her perspective by transitioning into non-physical, but it can feel as if you have lost a huge piece of yourself in the process. What you've really lost is easy access to your alignment simply by being with your pet or your loved one.

Your invisible loved one is essentially saying to you, "I've shown you what alignment with yourself feels like during the time that we've spent together in this life experience, and now you get to find your alignment and own it as I delight in you from my non-physical perspective."

Transitioning to non-physical is a full returning to who your loved one truly is without all of the resistance and contrast in this physical life experience- a full returning to stability and to remembering who he/she really is. 

I like to think about it like this: to enter into this life experience, we put on a costume to play in this environment, and then when we decide that we have experienced everything we came here to experience, we take off the costume and re-emerge into non-physical. It's this beautiful flow from physical to non-physical.

You are non-physical consciousness flowing through your body to experience the joy of creation in this physical experience, and your pets have come here with you in their own costumes to assist you in your creations. They have come to help you connect with who you really are as you play together in this life experience. There is so much beauty and joy in that! What a gift our pets are to us! ❤

What I hope to share with you through these words is that grieving is an extremely important process as we go from feeling abandoned, off balance, and out of alignment with who we are for a time. As you practice grounding yourself and connecting with your invisible loved one during this time, you will grow in appreciation for all of the times you had with him/her, and you will delight in all of the new adventures you get to have with your invisible love by your side.

Our invisible loved ones can see things from a much broader perspective than we can, and they are guiding us all of the time to the most joyful life experience possible. It's kind of like they are watching the movie of our lives (without being disconnected from us in any way), so they see things and know things that the characters in the movie can't see. Let them be your guide.

You can follow their guidance by following your joy. They will always guide you to joy.

I hope this letter has been comforting to you in some way, and I want you to know that I love you. ❤️

Much love to you,


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Here is Abraham's video if you'd like to listen to the whole conversation between Abraham (who flows thoughts through Esther Hicks) and a man who experienced the loss of a pet. 

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