November 11, 2022

"Giving thanks, recognizing all the good in your life, is the gateway drug to a life most extraordinary. It's the superpower that moves you onto the frequency where beauty and joy and creativity happen."

Pam Grout

Happy Veteran's Day!

To all of the veterans out there, thank you for your service! 💜

November is the month dedicated to giving thanks for the blessings in our lives, and boy do we have a lot to be grateful for!

We have COVID in our house right now- thankfully at a time when the virus is much easier to deal with than it was a year or two ago.

Now we get to build up our immunity to it before the holidays arrive, and Chad gets time off the road all week! 🎉

What I'm demonstrating here is what Pam Grout calls the "extreme sport of gratitude"- finding things to be grateful for in the midst of a less-than-ideal situation.

It's easy to be grateful for the obvious blessings in our lives, and even then, we often forget to take the time to appreciate all of the gifts in our lives.

But what about during the times in life when it's easy to get sucked into a hole of sadness, fear, disappointment, or frustration?

Can you find things to be grateful for even then?

Let's say that this election didn't turn out how you would have preferred.

Do you still have a bazillion other things in your life to be grateful for?

Each day we have two choices:

we can either be focused on all of the problems around us and on everything that seems to be going wrong in our lives 😛


we can focus on the gifts in every situation and find everything that is going right.

The thing is- you get more of what you focus on.

So, if you are giving your anxious thoughts a lot of airtime in your head, you're going to get more things to worry about.

If you focus on the things that you appreciate in your life, you'll be given more and more to appreciate.

The easiest way to follow your joy and live a happily-ever-after kind of life is to be in a constant state of gratitude.

What you see in the world around you literally changes when you choose to live a life of gratitude and joy.

Even if the world seems to be crumbling around you, finding one tiny thing to appreciate about your life will get the ball rolling on a brighter future.

If you don't have a gratitude journal, I highly recommend buying the most beautiful journal you can find and writing a few blessings in it each day.

I bet you have 5 minutes a day to do this simple practice.

In those 5 minutes a day, you can change your entire life.

Knowing that you have 3-5 blessings to write about in the morning or at night keeps your eyes open to all of the beauty in your life as you go about your day.

You become more fully present in your life, and you stay in the receptive mode where life can shower you with all of the things that you desire.

So it's a win-win- you get to be happy NOW, and you get to attract even more things to be happy about. 😃

If writing in a journal isn't your thing, find a friend who is willing to go on a gratitude adventure with you.

Text back and forth about the blessings in each of your lives and watch as you both become happier and more excited about life. ❤

I promise you that this one simple exercise in gratitude will lead to a much happier and abundant life.

Keep it light, keep it fun, and feel how truly grateful you are for this life you are living.

Try it out and see how much your life changes.

I'd love to hear about the things that you're grateful for in your life right now!

Feel free to reach out and share your joy with me. 😀

I'm grateful for you and for this adventure that we're on together! 😘

Much love to you,


P.s. I highly recommend Pam Grout's book Thank & Grow Rich if you'd like to strengthen your gratitude muscles. You can buy the book here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

Gratitude: A Way of Life by Louise Hay is another one of my favorite books on gratitude. You can buy it here.

If you would like to create a life that excites and delights you, you can buy my book Celebrating Your Life here.

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