August 18, 2023

Hello again! Are you ready to talk about abundance and overflow today? 😀

I was listening to Michael Beckwith of Agape International, and he mentioned that we tend to turn our abundance into lack by focusing on the things that we want rather than being grateful for the things we have and by placing a higher value on the abundance out there in the world than we place on the people and things in our own lives.

When you can start to view the abundance in your own life as being greater than the abundance out there, then the abundance out there will be added to your own abundance.

How do you see the true value in the abundance that you already have?

You start giving from what you do have.

Maybe you don't see yourself as financially abundant in this moment, but maybe you have an abundance of love or kindness or knowledge that you could share.

Many of us want to become rich so that we can bless those around us in amazing ways, but we can already do that by giving from the overflow of love in our own lives.

This, of course, means that you need to be filling your own cup and loving yourself so that you have something to give.

What have you been depriving yourself of lately that you are craving in order to fill your own cup?

Do you need to set boundaries on your time so that you can do things that nourish you?

Do you need to add more fun or rest to your schedule?

You don't have to make huge, dramatic shifts in your life.

Saying "no" to one thing at a time that doesn't excite you gives you more space for the things that your heart longs for.

Living your truth and following your joy will fill you up with an abundance of YOU so that you have something to give to those around you.

Stop trying to give from an empty cup.

It isn't working, and the world doesn't benefit from a bunch of empty cups.

The news is filled with people who are running on empty and trying to get their cups filled in unhealthy ways.

I'm inviting you to embrace selfishness so that you actually have something to give.

If you were absolutely free to do whatever you wanted to do right now, what would you do?

It's time to say "no" to other activities and people so that you can say "Yes!" to the longings of your heart.

It only takes one small step at a time in the direction of your joy in order for you to be living a truly abundant life in all areas.

What can you say "Yes!" to today to love yourself fully so that you can give from the overflow of your heart?

Much love to you,


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