September 1, 2023

Hi friend! Do you find yourself feeling restless in your life right now?

Do you feel like something is brewing beneath the surface?

Whenever I feel like this (as I do right now), I know that I'm about to experience explosive growth in my life.

If you are feeling restless, you are feeling the itch to grow and expand.

When we feel this way, it can sometimes feel like we need to escape from our lives and go on an adventure.

What I've learned is that feeling restless means that it's time for me to go within and release whatever isn't working in my life.

It's time to strip away the outside noise as much as possible.

Right now, it means that I feel led to take a break from social media.

It's time for me to let go of the things that no longer bring me joy and to find stillness (through meditation and journaling) to figure out what really does bring me joy.

This is constantly changing based on the season of life that I'm in.

It's important to clarify your values and priorities when you enter a new phase of life so that you can focus your time and attention on the things that bring you the most joy.

Another exercise that I like to do when I feel restless is to close my eyes and expand my awareness out as far as I possibly can.

We sometimes forget that we as spiritual beings are so much BIGGER than our physical bodies.

If you'd like to try this with me, I invite you to close your eyes and feel the light that is you growing and expanding out beyond your body.

Feel this light expanding out- all the way into space.

Whenever you want to feel free of the circumstances of your life, just expand into space and then you will remember how spacious and free you truly are.

You are not confined to your body.

You simply came into your body to experience the beauty of life through your five senses.

When the circumstances in your environment overwhelm you, it's time to remember who you really are as a spacious, spiritual being with no beginning and end.

You as a spiritual being are completely free.

You are incredibly expansive.

Once you feel free after expanding yourself out in all directions, follow whatever nudges come to you.

What would you love to do from this place of feeling free and invincible?

Your inner guidance will always lead you to your next steps.

You probably won't receive the whole plan right away, but you will feel led to do one thing and then another and another until you are feeling so happy and excited about your life.

Trust the process of life, and trust that everything is always working out in your favor.

Every. Single. Time.

Enjoy this feeling of freedom and expansiveness, and I hope that you will carry it with you throughout your day.

Much love to you,


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