September 15, 2023

Hello, sweet friend! Are you ready to feel your freedom today? 🦅

As I've taken time away from social media and tasks that don't bring me joy, I've become very clear on what does bring me joy and what gives me the feeling of absolute FREEDOM.

You and I can get so tangled up in all of the things we think we need to be doing, and we don't allow ourselves to find joy in every step of this life adventure.

We're on this constant quest for freedom, because we feel anything but free.

We've been carrying around so many unnecessary burdens totally unaware that we've been bearing this load willingly.

What if we'd be willing to release all the things we think we should be doing in exchange for inner peace and freedom?

Are you ready to transcend all the stories you've been telling yourself so you can soar? 


Here is a simple visualization technique that I love to use when I start feeling heavy and weighed down by life (you can close your eyes and try it after you read about it):

Feel the weight of all the shame, guilt, judgments, fear, shoulds, and responsibilities that you are holding onto right now.

Where do you feel them in your body?

Feel all of this heaviness releasing into an imaginary cloud in front of you. ☁️

Breathe deeply and feel the stream of heaviness leaving your body until it feels like it's all gone- until your entire body feels lighter.

Take a deep breath in as you fill yourself up with love and light, and as you breathe out, whisper under your breath, "I am free!" 🌟

See the cloud of heaviness blowing away. 💨

If it feels like you are still carrying any heaviness anywhere in your body (in your gut, on your shoulders, in your mind, or somewhere else), let it all release into a new cloud and set yourself completely free.

Now that your body and mind feel lighter, what would you love to do?

What sounds like the most fun thing you could do right now?

Even if you are at work, how could you infuse a sense of lightness and fun into whatever you are doing?

With your newfound feeling of freedom, I invite you to think of a fun activity that feels like freedom to you.

For our family, being out in nature and exploring beautiful new surroundings feels like freedom. 🏞️

Whatever activities give you this feeling of freedom, I invite you to do at least one of them in the next week.

Take something off your calendar to make space for feeling free.

If you intentionally choose freedom in big or small ways each day, life will bring you more experiences that feel like freedom.

Whatever you focus on expands, so if you are leaning into feelings of freedom as often as you can (through visualization or activities that give you a sense of freedom), your feeling of being free will expand more and more and MORE.

You are so free that you can choose bondage if you want to.

You can believe all the stories in your mind that tell you you aren't free


you can choose FREEDOM

You can rise above all the noise, let it all go, and allow yourself to be free.

You are FREE!!! 💫

Choose freedom for a week and see if your life starts shifting around you in miraculous ways to bring you more things that feel free.

Much love to you,


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