May 26, 2023

Good morning! The birds are chirping loudly outside my window this morning, and they are reminding me of what a gift it is to be alive today. 💜

I have been on a path of incredible expansion lately, and although it's been super uncomfortable some days as I stretch past my self-imposed limits, it's been so incredibly freeing!

I want to share with you the most important thing that I've learned from my personal development journey over the past 8 or 9 years:

Do things your own way.

We have this tendency to follow the path that's been traveled by the masses thinking that it's the safest and wisest option since many people have walked this road before us.

Have you noticed how doing things the way that other people do them often doesn't feel good or natural to you?

Something just doesn't feel right when you try to follow the rules in everything that you do.

You are here on this earth to blaze your own trail and to have so much fun along the way!

Whether it's in your job, your business, your relationships, your parenting, your health, your home, or your finances, you get to do what feels best to you.

Please stop forcing yourself into the mold that society has created for you.

Stop pushing yourself to do things that feel heavy and hard.

Just because things have been done a certain way before doesn't mean that you have to do them that way.

Using anyone else's playbook to live your life is going to leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

How can you let life be easy and do things your own way?

What would you love to do?

How would you love to do it?

Even if you receive judgment from others for doing your life your way, it's so worth it!

There is no need for you to explain or defend your choices.

Choose the direction that feels best to you and run that way until something else excites you more.

I am here to inspire you to live a life that you absolutely love, and the only way for you to do that is to create your life in whatever way you choose.

Decide what you want to put your whole heart into and go do that.

If something that you're doing doesn't feel right, decide if you can allow it to be easier, if you can delegate it to someone else, or if you can release it completely.

Let it be easy.

Let your life be fun.

Ask yourself right now, "What would I love?"

Then go do it this weekend!

Release those things in your life that are no longer serving you and do the things you love in ways that feel really good to you.

Set yourself free to follow your joy.

You deserve to live a life that you love! ❤️

I've decided to release my Monday letters since I've been stretching myself too thin on Monday mornings.

I want to be fully present with you during our time together, and hanging out with you on Fridays when I can put my heart and soul into this space sounds the most joyful to me. 😃

I hope that you will start doing your life your way, and I will see you next Friday!

Much love to you,


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