May 5, 2023

Hello again! 😀

We are back from Great Wolf Lodge, and I'm really excited to share something that I've learned this week in the Modern Mentor program.

Kathleen talked with us about holding the vision of what we want to create in our lives while detaching from the outcome.

This means having a clear picture of something that you want while not needing it to come at a certain time or in a certain way.

The way I like to hold the vision is by adding pictures of the things that I want to my vision board.

The things that I had on my vision board in the past were a hot pink bike, beautiful teeth, a hot tub, a stamped concrete patio, and a hot pink car.

Once I got each of those things, I removed them from my vision board and replaced them with new things.

You can buy a big poster board and print out pictures of things that you'd like to have or you can use an app on your phone to save pictures of the things that you want.

I just use the basic "Pages" app on my iPhone to upload screenshots of photos from the internet.

This activity allows you to get really clear about your heart's desires, and you get to have a lot of fun looking for pictures of the things that you want.

It is much easier for me to believe that God/the Universe knows exactly what I want and is moving things around behind the scenes to bring things to me when I have pictures of my dreams posted on my vision board.

Know that what you want is already done.

When you ask, it is already yours.

It is already on its way to you.

It is simply your job to detach from when you think it should come and how you think life should bring it to you.

Life LOVES to surprise us by delivering things to us that are so much better than what we thought we wanted, and it also likes to surprise us with the delivery date.

Think of it like a proposal.

A proposal would be much less romantic if you knew exactly when, where, and how it was going to come.

I know that most of us are control freaks (myself included), and we want to know exactly when our package is coming because we think that we just can't live without it.

As if our lives aren't already magical enough as they are...

When we come from a place of neediness, we are living in the GAP (looking at the mountains we still have to climb) instead of living in the GAIN (appreciating what we already have and how far we've come).

We will always be unhappy in the GAP no matter how many things come to us, because our happiness is always dependent on getting more and doing more.

Enough is never enough.

If we can be thankful for the things that we already have and get excited about the things that are on their way to us, we can speed up the delivery process.

You are already worthy of everything that you desire, and life can't wait to give you everything that you want.


Because life LOVES you!

God/the Universe really, really loves you!

Everything in your life is here to support every single one of your dreams.

Even the contrast or turbulence in your life is getting you ready to receive the things that you want.

You are here on this earth to create a life that you absolutely love, so let's get to it!

Have some fun looking for pictures of things that you want, get excited that your order is on its way to you, and let go of the need to figure out when and how it's going to come.

Let life surprise and delight you.

I hope you have a blast picking from the endless buffet of options, and I am right here alongside you being grateful for everything that I have while also getting excited for my next order to arrive.

Much love to you,


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