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November 4, 2022

Happy Snowy Friday (if you live in northern Colorado)! ❄

Do you love the quiet peacefulness that comes with the snow as much as I do? 💙

With the chaotic energy of the world all around us, it's so nice to be able to connect with the peacefulness of nature.

Today I want to talk with you about how you can be you and how you can thrive in the midst of chaos.

The chaos may come from the events happening in the world around us, or you may be experiencing chaos in your own home.

You might feel this chaos amplified in your body and mind.

While it is easy to get swept up in the "negative" emotions and circumstances that are happening around us (and as much as we may want to try to fix the world or those circumstances in some way), our greatest contribution comes from staying grounded and being laser focused on what we really want to experience in life- love, joy, and peace.

When you hear disturbing things on the news or social media, you may feel very strong emotions about the "problems" that are seemingly all around us.

You probably don't have a solution to the world's problems or to your loved ones' problems, and you may feel helpless in your attempts to fix anything.

Here is what you can do:

Shine your light so brightly that you illuminate the solution for those who have the power to make changes for the better

Often, it's hard to shine brightly when you are worried about your loved ones or the world at large, so it might be necessary to take a step back from all of the negative news and drama to reconnect with the peace, love, and joy inside of you.

The news wants to sell us this idea of trauma and drama with a heavy dose of scarcity consciousness, but nothing could be further from the truth.

If the veil could be lifted from our eyes and we could truly see how much abundance, love, and light are flowing to every single cell in the entire Universe, we would never worry about the well-being of ourselves, our families, or anyone else ever again.

Whenever there is a problem, the solution has already been created and is already on its way to those who need it.

The catch is that they have to be willing to receive the solution.

The more that you are in the receiving mode yourself, the more you inspire others to receive the well-being that is flowing to them.

You can't worry and suffer enough to make others who are suffering suddenly thrive.

You are powerless in your fretting and suffering.

However, you have an INSANE amount of power when you make a conscious choice to feel good and to follow your joy when the rest of the world is falling apart.

You living in your joy and being who you are raises the vibration of the entire world!

Everything in the Universe is made of vibration or energy, and you have the power to make all of the energy in the entire world vibrate differently.

How cool is that?!?

It's like the ripple effect in the ocean.

One small drop of rain ripples out and affects the entire ocean.

When you thrive, the whole world thrives (if the whole world is ready for that).

When you thrive, I thrive.

When I thrive, you thrive.

We're all connected in this beautiful web where we each play our specific part in uplifting the whole.

The only way to not thrive is to cut yourself off from all of the resources that are flowing to you all day every day. ✂

Your requests are answered by life as soon as you ask, so there could never be a shortage of anything (unless you cut yourself off from you).

Do you have the option to experience shortage?


Does everyone else in the world have the option to cut off the flow of thriving and abundance?

For sure!

The best you can do is to show the world how thriving is done so that others can follow your example if they are ready to thrive.

If they aren't ready, it's not your job to fix that.

You are responsible for you and your own happiness, and they are responsible for their own well-being and happiness.

It's a good time to get laser focused, to get grounded in your own truth, and to follow your joy so that, in your thriving, you can be the biggest gift possible to the world. 🎁

In your thriving, you allow resources to flow to you that can be a huge blessing to those around you if you feel inspired to get involved.

Then you have a solution to offer to the world's problems.

Be the bright shiny light that you came here to be and see how the world changes around you.

I love you, I see you, and I am shining brightly right beside you! 💛

I'm ending this letter with a beautiful song by Thomas Rhett today.

Much love to you,


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