January 23, 2023

Good morning, beautiful soul! ✨

Ready for a week full of life's surprises? 😃

Today I would love to answer the question: "Is it greedy to want a lot of money?"

Some of us who were raised in the church were taught that "the love of money is the root of all evil" or you are greedy if you want money and other earthly things.

Maybe you don't come from a religious background, but someone may have taught you that it's greedy to want more than you already have.

You should just be grateful, because there are children starving in other countries.

Let me ask you a question: Can you bless more people if you have a lot of money or if you are barely scraping by?

I know that you have the biggest heart, and you want to bless so many people.

You have the greatest opportunity to do that if you allow incredible amounts of money into your life by shedding your limiting money beliefs (you can read more about that here).

Chad and I dream of having a multi-million dollar business not only to free Chad from his stressful job that is hard on his body but also to support our friend who lost her husband almost 2 years ago. We would love to help her pay off her mortgage and send her 2 boys to college so that she doesn't have to worry about any of that anymore.

Think about all of the amazing things that you would do with money to bless yourself (your well-being and happiness are very important), your family, other loved ones, and strangers who are in need of assistance.

You are not greedy in any way.

You are pure love desiring well-being and happiness for everyone on the planet.

You can make the biggest difference if you are really, really rich.

So please don't feel guilty when you want more money than you can possibly imagine right now.

Want it, allow it, and spread the money love. 💵

I am cheering you on, and you can cheer me on as we both get ridiculously rich and make the world a more loving and beautiful place. 💜

Much love to you,


P.s. I have a really fun card deck (Notes from the Universe on Abundance) that keeps my thoughts focused on abundance and the infinite possibilities with money. You can buy it here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

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