June 9, 2023

Good morning, friend! Are you ready to talk about love today?

Lately there has been some drama on Facebook from me "coming out of the closet" with what I believe and where I learned many of those beliefs.

I come from a religious background, and anything that doesn't fit into the mold that certain religions have defined as "acceptable" is immediately judged as demonic or Satanic.

Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions and beliefs about what feels right in their spirit.

I surrender the need to try to get anyone else to see things from my perspective, because my perspective is constantly changing as I become more aware of what feels right to me and what doesn't.

Many of us have been taught to believe that many things are true when those things simply aren't true for us.

When you listen to someone who is trying to teach you something, decide if it feels right in your spirit.

If it feels heavy and full of fear, you don't need to accept what they are teaching.

If things that I say don't feel right to you, please don't believe them.

Take what works for you and release the rest.

You're never going to completely agree with anyone on every subject, because you have a very unique perspective with different ideas about how life is supposed to work.

That's the beauty of us all doing life together.

We can share our perspectives and grow alongside one another as we learn new things that feel like the path to our greatest joy.

In the end, no matter what you believe and no matter who does or doesn't agree with you, love is all there is.

Nothing exists in this world except love.

Anything else is just an illusion.

The opposite of love (fear) appears in our lives when we are pinching ourselves off from our true nature- when we are believing things that aren't true for us.

The only reason you ever feel afraid is because you are believing something that isn't true.

Love is the only truth, and love casts out all fear.

If any books or teachings point you to love, those things are truth- they are from God.

If any beliefs, teachings, or opinions plant fear in your spirit, they are pointing you away from love.

Who you are is love.

Nothing can ever separate you from love (or from God), because love is the most potent force inside of you.

If anyone doesn't agree with you about something and they think they need to change your mind, they are simply living in fear (while desperately seeking love).

Love them.

Even if they criticize and judge you for your beliefs and your actions, allow the love inside of you to shine through.

You are a bright, glowing ball of love. 🌟

Love is always strong enough to crowd out the fear.

So regardless of whether or not you believe the same things that I do, I hope you'll remember that love is all there is.

Seek to grow more in love with yourself and with others.

Love is who you were born to be.


Thanks for being on this growth journey with me!

Much love to you,


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