March 10, 2023

Happy Friday! Are you ready to stop holding yourself back from all of the joy and fun that you came here for?

How many times do you have a strong desire but you don't allow yourself to pursue it for one reason or another?

Maybe you think it will be too uncomfortable to release the things that you need to release to follow the path of your greatest joy.

Maybe you don't believe that you deserve to be incredibly happy.

Coming from a religious background, I know that the temptation to force ourselves to suffer, struggle, and sacrifice is very real.

Many of us have been taught through religion or culture that we must be willing to give up our own happiness in the name of serving God or serving others.

Here's a question:

How do you think you have the biggest impact- by suffering and making yourself miserable or by being really happy and inspiring others to their own happiness?

You have the ability to uplift others the most when you are thriving.

When you are happy, healthy, and abundant, you can do so much more good in the world.

Your happiness is truly the greatest gift that you can give anyone.

If you are holding yourself back from your most joyful life in order to try to make life better for someone else, I encourage you to release your resistance to happiness and allow yourself to go there.

Happiness is your natural state of being.

Your desires were placed inside of you to lead you to your path of greatest joy and to help you make the world a better place in the ways that only you can.

If you are holding yourself back from your desires, you are not making the impact that you came here to make.

The longer we hold ourselves back from what we really want in life, the more we start experiencing negative emotions, negative circumstances, and pain in our bodies.

We are not made to resist our desires.

We are made to flow with them.

Our bodies are wise creatures that let us know if we are following our true desires or not.

If you are dealing with an illness or pain in your body, I encourage you to figure out where you're not allowing yourself to have what you really want.

Where are you struggling, suffering, or sacrificing instead of allowing yourself to follow your desires and thrive?

Are you forcing yourself to do things that you don't really want to be doing?

Are you pushing yourself or your body too hard?

How can you make a change?

Even if you can't quit your job or don't feel like you can leave an unhealthy relationship right now, how can you focus on your own happiness and well-being when you show up for that job or relationship?

You choosing the path of your greatest joy makes my life better and me choosing my own happiness makes your life better as our joy ripples out into the world and affects the energy of those around us.

When you are happy, the energy that makes up your body is literally vibrating at a higher frequency.

The longer you stay in that high vibration of happiness, the more likely it is that others around you can tune themselves to that same joyful vibration.

If you won't thrive for you because you think it's selfish to be outrageously happy, thrive for others so that they can experience greater health and happiness.

That's the best way that you can serve them- not through your sacrifice and struggle.

I invite you to think of one area of your life where you are holding yourself back from greater joy.

What choice can you make today to release your resistance to happiness and well-being?

I'm cheering you on, and the Universe/God has your back.

I love you, and I will be here with you again next week!

Much love to you,


P.s. If you've decided to release your resistance to happiness but aren't sure where to start on your happiness journey, I highly recommend the book Be Happy: Release the Power of Happiness in YOU by Robert Holden. You can buy the book here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

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