October 21, 2022

Happy Friday!!! I am thrilled to be in this space with you again as we discover how to be fully engaged and completely in love with our lives. 💜

Today I was going to chat with you about how you can use the guilt that you may feel as a parent to guide yourself and your children to a place where you can each be exactly who you are with no judgment and no expectations. I will come back to this topic (probably next week), but I really feel like our time together on this beautiful Friday is best spent talking about appreciation.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is so easy to lose sight of not only why we do all of the things that we do throughout the course of a day but also how awesome it is that we have so many incredible things in our lives that make life worth living.

Before I sat down to chat with you just now, I saw my children asleep on the couch (that's where the three of us have been sleeping while we get over this cough). I couldn't help but be melted by their cuteness and their complete peacefulness, and I had to capture that moment in a picture. 

That's what made me realize that today is a day for slowing down and taking the time to appreciate each of the beautiful things in our lives.

If there is only one tool that you take away from all of the days that we spend together in this space, please take the tool of appreciation with you.

It will help you to be you and to love your life more than any other tool I could teach you.

I love when I can take just 5-10 minutes to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper (or my phone or iPad) and just go off about everything that I love about a certain person, a certain situation, a certain thing, or a collection of things in my life.

Abraham Hicks calls this a "Rampage of Appreciation", and if you try it, you will feel like every single cell in your body is buzzing.

I'm going to do a quick Rampage of Appreciation for you right now so you can see how it's done and so you can feel the energy that comes with spending some time in the act of appreciation.

Here I go...

I so appreciate having this space where I can meet with you, connect deeply with you, and feel our hearts opening to life and to one another.

I love that we can be honest, raw, and vulnerable without judgment, and that you can bring all of you and I can bring all of me- "imperfections" and all.

I love that all of the things we think are imperfect about us are actually the beautiful differences about us that make us the perfect puzzle piece to fit into the tapestry that is our world.

Each of us playing our part and being who we are is what makes this tapestry a masterpiece!

I love being here with you as we remind each other that we are never alone. I am here, you are here, and life has our back.

As we are talking right now, the Universe is lining up so many delicious things to delight and surprise you and me today. 💜

I love that when we keep our minds and our hearts open to receive, we get showered with blessings that we never could have anticipated or planned. 

I love that we get to unwrap the gifts of life together and find new ways to love the lives that we are living.

I love that life isn't as serious as we make it but that it's really just one big playground where we get to experiment and explore.

I love that there are so many reminders throughout our days to slow down and smell the roses- to fully savor these lives that we have created.

I love how writing to you fills me with so much energy and brings me so much joy that I can take into the rest of my day as I enjoy my children and my husband.

I love that I have so many people in my life to love. You are one of them. 😘

I love that we each have the opportunity to follow our joy and to do those things that light us up.

I love that we never really lose ourselves in this life (even when we feel buried underneath a pile of crap), because a simple shift in perspective can change everything in an instant.

I love that you and I are on this journey together exploring every aspect of life and becoming more and more of who we are in the process.

I love that there is so much pleasure to indulge in throughout our days and that we can choose to take it in and fully experience it.

Would you like to indulge in the things that bring you pleasure today?

A great way to start is with a Rampage of Appreciation.

If you have 5-10 minutes to get your entire body buzzing, give it a shot and bask in the delicious energy that it gives you.

Take time today to smell the roses, to really taste your food, to touch things that feel wonderful, to listen to things that feel good, and to look at all of the beauty around you.

It's a beautiful life we're living, my friend, so let's take the time to enjoy it today. 💗

Much love to you,


P.s. I love Louise Hay's book Gratitude: A Way of Life. It is packed with so many wonderful stories reminding us of all the things we have to be thankful for. You can buy the book here if you would like to gift me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am an Amazon affiliate who only recommends books and personal development products that I personally own and love. ❤️

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