all is well

February 2, 2024

Hello hello!

I am sending this letter to you today with so much love. 🤗

I feel like a weight has been lifting off of me as life's been leading me down a path of realizing that nothing's wrong- all is well.

Nothing could go wrong, and nothing ever has gone wrong.

Doesn't that feel like such a relief? 🌟

My whole life, I've been a fixer.

I tried to fix everything during my childhood so that my dad wouldn't explode with anger and so that my mom wouldn't slip more deeply into her anxiety and depression.

None of my fixing ever worked long term, but still I used fixing as my coping method to carry me into adulthood.

I thought that I was placed here on this earth to fix things, to heal people, and to make the world a better place.

Do you know how exhausting it is to try to fix everything about yourself, everything about your life, and everything about other people's lives that you think is wrong in some way?

Life has slowly been trying to show me that absolutely nothing is wrong.

All is well.

All is well with my friend from my church who's been struggling with pain and dizziness for a few years now.

All is well with my friend who's been trying to get pregnant for a couple years.

All is well in the relationships around me where the couples are deciding to re-define their relationships and go their separate ways.

All is well with my friends' husbands and partners who were released from their jobs recently.

All is well in the lives of my friends and family members who are "stuck" in jobs they don't love.

All is well.

Whenever I try to find a solution to any of these "problems", life gently reminds me that nothing's wrong.

While we may think that something has gone terribly wrong, nothing's wrong.

All is well.... Always.

We each have come into this life with different intentions, and it is not our job to fix things for other people to make their lives look the way we think they should look.

We don't even have to fix our own problems, because there really are no problems- only learning experiences that bring us clarity about what we actually want in life.

Some experiences bring us to our knees and cause us to question everything that we think we know about life (and the goodness of God/the Universe).

Those moments of crying out and giving up because we have no more fight left in us are exactly the moments that are necessary for us to release our resistance towards life so that our inner guidance can lead us back to the path of our greatest joy.

Surrender is the most beautiful thing. 🌸

It's the most powerful posture, because it allows us to finally be guided by something bigger than ourselves.

I invite you to look at every single circumstance that looks like a problem in your own life and in the lives of your loved ones and say to yourself, "Nothing's wrong here. All is well. I may not see the reason for this right now, but I trust that it's an important part of my/their journey. One day I will look back on this situation and be so thankful for it."

Hand that "problem" over to life/God and know that it's being worked out behind the scenes.

Be willing to be guided to the next steps on your path.

You didn't come into this life to be a savior or a fixer.

You came to have so much fun on this journey of expansion. 🌟

Choose to see your life as a grand adventure like The Amazing Race with exciting new experiences and mysterious clues hidden everywhere.

Release your timeline for how quickly you think everything needs to fall into place.


Take a bath, read a book, or watch your favorite movie.

Surrender to whatever's happening right now.

All is well.

Much love to you,


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