accepting what is

June 21, 2024

Happy Friday!

I'm so happy to have this chance to connect with you again even though we now have the full-time responsibility of caring for and training a puppy. 😊

Chad and I haven't had a puppy in 17 years, and although I remember breaking down into tears back then, I forgot how much time, energy, patience, and attention new puppies require.

Our daily emotions range from being so happy and in love with this new bundle of cuteness to being incredibly frustrated with how overwhelming the whole training process (and the constant puppy biting) can be.

Puppy teeth are sharp, man! 😂

As we do our best to focus on the positive aspects of this phase of life (she won't be a tiny, adorable puppy forever), I have to keep reminding myself that I can allow this whole experience to be filled with ease and joy.

I don't have to make it difficult.

I don't have to get overwhelmed.

I can visualize what I want to see while focusing on the fun and cuteness of this phase. 😍

I watched one of the Rosey Life YouTube videos about accepting what is (shared below), and I'd like to give you my notes from her teachings.

Rose said, "You're going to get what you want no matter what."

Everything that you desire is already done, so there's no need to resist the contrast in your life.

The contrast is moving around the "furniture" in your life to make space for you to experience all of your desires.

Everything is always working out for you.

It's all coming together for your highest good and for the perfect unfolding of your desires.

Your circumstances are all very good.

They are exactly how you get what you want, and there's a good reason why everything is happening the way that it is.

The unfolding of your desires might not make any logical sense to you, but it's all happening for you- not to you.

Everything is working out in your favor.

You can choose to accept what is or to resist it.

You can be still and chill or you can react to everything that happens.

I invite you to stop giving meaning to circumstances that causes you to resist those circumstances.

What meaning can you assign to your current situation that will help you feel unlimited and powerful?

You are the source of your reality, and you have no limits.

Whatever you choose to be, you will be and experience.

You don't need to fix whatever's happening in your life or try to figure out why it's happening.

Your 3D conditions are simply a reflection of your past ways of being that are moving on through to make space for the new.

You get to choose who you're going to be today.

Just to be clear, accepting what is does not mean that you are choosing the circumstances that you see around you.

It means that you are accepting who you've chosen to be in the past while allowing yourself to be a more expanded version of yourself as you rise above your current conditions to be the unlimited creator of your reality.

The Universe is working everything out around you based on who you're choosing to be.

Will you choose to be God today or a smaller version of yourself?

I want to be still and know that I am God in the midst of this puppy contrast, and I want to be a master at accepting what is.

Will you join me?

Let's be still and chill.

Much love to you,


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