April 17, 2023

Good morning! Ready to talk about abundance today? 😀

Last time we discussed taking inspired action towards our dreams, and today I'd love to talk about how you can receive whatever you need to support your big dream.

Chad and I have decided to enter The Modern Mentor coaching program within Diamond Academy to elevate everything in our lives and our business.

The cost of this program is $15,000 which is far more than we've ever spent on an online course or business academy membership, and this investment has Chad and me feeling like we're about to skydive from 14,000 feet in the air.

We're up in the airplane looking down and feeling a little terrified quite honestly.

This is going to stretch our faith in some pretty big ways.

Do you sometimes feel like that when you are moving towards your dreams?

We're taking this giant leap, because this investment in ourselves is going to expand our lives in ways that we can't even imagine.

What is going to expand your life more than anything else right now?

What investment in yourself will increase your enjoyment of life by 1000%?

It could be an investment of time, energy, or money.

Are you also a bit terrified to make this investment in yourself?

It's time to stretch the limits of what we think we're capable of and to trust that life will provide everything that we need on this skydive.

Life wants to support every single one of your dreams.

Life says "Yes!" the moment you ask for anything.

Whatever you want is already yours.

You've already asked for it, and it has already been delivered to you.

You just need to expand your awareness to see it.

How do you expand your awareness?

You can focus on all of the abundance that is already in your life.

You can take a walk and see the abundance of beauty in nature.

You can feel the abundance of love in your life.

You can be thankful for all of the wonderful things that surround you.

You can be grateful that your dream is already yours.....because it is.

You simply need to believe it to see it.

Focusing on the abundance that you can see increases your belief in the abundance that is unseen.

I'll be focusing on all of the abundance around me as we take this giant leap of faith into the air, and I hope you will join me by appreciating all of the abundance in your life as you move toward your next big dream.

Thanks for hanging out with me, and I'll see you soon! ❤️

Much love to you,


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