April 19, 2024

Good morning, my playful friend!

Will today be the best day of your life so far?

It will if you want it to be! 😄

Chad and I had the privilege of attending the Abraham Hicks seminar in Denver on Saturday, and we've been enjoying the delicious expansion that keeps unfolding after we aligned with who we really are in Abraham's presence.

Chad is having so much fun observing what happens with his clients at work when he maintains his balance and alignment around people who are usually angry and resistant with other police officers.

He is able to influence people into peace and joy in a way that amazes his co-workers.

As Abraham often says, one person who is in alignment with who they really are is more powerful than millions who are not in alignment.

Being in alignment just means that you are stable and steady in who you are (completely connected to Source/God), and you are in the receiving mode of everything that you've been asking for.

You are happy and in love with your life.

I have now been to three Abraham seminars, and the message is always the same every single time:

Become a Master Focuser on the best things in your life, and you will live the most joyful life possible. 🌟

You and I are powerful magnets that are capable of attracting anything that we want into our lives (as well as things that we don't want).

What are we attracting right now?

What are we watering with our attention?

Are you watering the flowers in your life with your focus or are you watering the weeds?

If you could go throughout your day and find something (anything) to love about everyone and everything that you come into contact with, your life would literally become a magical fairytale adventure!

I've seen this happen over and over again in my own life.

That doesn't mean it's always easy, but it's so worth the time and energy spent focusing on what you want rather than giving your attention to what you don't want.

The most delicious things that you can possibly imagine experiencing are all around you right now in this very moment.

All you have to do is tune yourself to the vibration of those things in order to experience them.

You are emitting a vibration at all times, and the things that you want are also emitting a vibration (much like a radio signal).

If you will set your radio dial to the same station that your desires are on, they will come flowing into your experience with great ease.

For example, if you are wanting a relaxing vacation, you must tune yourself to relaxation and peace now in order to experience relaxation and peace on a lovely vacation.

How can you tune yourself to these things now?

You can clear your mind through meditation (as we talked about last week).

You can spend time out in nature where there is an abundance of peace.

You can think about peaceful things.

You can take a warm bath and listen to some relaxing music.

Think about where you feel most peaceful in your day-to-day life.

Put your focus there.

Spend more time there.

Just closing your eyes and saying the word "PEACE" over and over in your mind will automatically tune you to the vibration of peace.

Try it with any emotion.

At the seminar, Abraham also spoke about empathy.

We often think it is our job to empathize with people who are suffering in some way, but looking at suffering and empathizing with it only perpetuates more suffering.

If you really want to be of benefit to someone who is struggling to find their alignment, you must first tune yourself to well-being by focusing on the well-being inside of you and all around you.

You must see the well-being in those you are trying to uplift even if they can't see it.

That's what Jesus did.

He knew the well-being of everyone around Him no matter how sick they appeared.

When you tune to your own well-being, people can feel that well-being in you and they can tune themselves to their own well-being if they are ready for that.

They might not be ready right now, and that's okay.

All is well.

Their well-being is there whether they choose to allow it or not.

Abraham has such a funny way of hearing people with their really strong desires and telling them to CHILL OUT.

The reason we have a very strong desire is because we think we can only feel better once we have this improved situation, but our situation can't improve until we release our resistance and chill out.

Relax a little more and appreciate what's already working in your life.

Anticipate the joy of receiving your desire rather than doubting it.

You can choose thoughts of excited anticipation or thoughts of doubt around your desire.

Which thoughts feel better?

That's how you know which thoughts your Inner Being/God is thinking about your desire.

If the thoughts feel bad, find better-feeling thoughts to come back into alignment with who you really are.

(The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks has so many great examples of better-feeling thoughts about many difficult situations.)

It really is as simple as focusing on the best things that you can in order to experience an improvement in your situation.

This doesn't mean that you should stuff your negative emotions.

Feel them fully as they are an important part in the creative process, but don't stay stuck in them.

Reach for a better-feeling place by focusing on the beauty all around you.

Enjoy some laughter therapy (here).

Whenever you allow yourself to feel better, you are engaging in the most powerful form of self-love. 💜

You attracted me into your life today to remind you that you are an insanely powerful creator!

You came into this body to create your own reality and to enjoy this experience with every single cell in your body.

What do you want to create and receive today?

This could be the best day of your life if you will choose to focus on the best things you can find and turn your attention to the well-being of everyone and everything around you.

As Abraham says, "Life is supposed to be fun!", so have fun creating the most wonderful experience for yourself today! 🎉

You will inspire others to align with the happiest, healthiest version of themselves as you live your most joyful life. ❤️

Much love to you,


P.s. I will be sharing much more from Abraham in the coming weeks. Law of Attraction is my favorite topic! 😁

If you would like to create a life that excites and delights you, you can buy my book Celebrating Your Life here.

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