a magical manifestation story

May 24, 2024

Hi friend!

The energy has been moving quickly around here, and we are on a wild ride at our house these days.

Do you feel this strong energy flowing in your own life?

I have to share the most magical manifestation story that has been unfolding rather quickly since the Abraham seminar.

Abraham reminded us that we can be or do or have anything that we desire.

I've known this for a long time, but I wasn't actually allowing myself to have everything that I really wanted because I was holding onto so much doubt.

After the seminar, I finally decided to allow myself to have what I actually desire- a baby.

I would love to have fresh new life in our home. 💜

We have 3 frozen babies at the fertility clinic in Denver, and we've gone back and forth about whether to parent these babies ourselves or to adopt them to other parents.

We really don't want to give our babies away (that's what it feels like to make an adoption plan for them), but we haven't been in a place of feeling ready to parent them.

Now that our first "babies" are 12 and 7 (and quite helpful), we have the capacity to welcome a new baby.

The day after the seminar, I decided to allow myself to desire another baby despite all of my fears and doubts.

I visualized and really felt myself nursing this sweet baby, and that night, I started showing signs of starting my cycle.

This in itself was a miracle since I had an emergency hysterectomy immediately following Kaylie's birth in 2011, and we figured that we'd have to adopt or have a surrogate for future babies (like we did with Kip).

My last period was on September 17, 2010, and I never expected to have any more periods after my hysterectomy.

A few days after I visualized a baby in my arms, I had a full-blown period with cramping and all.

I was elated and quite surprised!

For the first time ever, I had no doubt in my mind that my body was whole and complete even though I had once been told that I no longer had a uterus.

What a miracle! ✨

A month after that surprising cycle (just a week ago), I felt led to buy a book about connecting with the soul of our spirit baby.

I want to feel deeply connected to this sweet one before we welcome her into our home.

(This baby definitely sent me some feminine energy vibes, so that's how I know she's a girl. I even bought a hot pink personalized onesie with her name on it. 😍)

As I meditated and then connected to the spirit world last Friday, I asked our sweet baby to communicate with me, and I felt a strong energy that surprised me.

I felt like I was connecting with a PUPPY!

This revelation really threw me for a loop since I have been very much against getting another dog since our dog died 4 years ago.

I hate the feeling of loss (even though I know in my heart that there is no loss or death).

I did not want to welcome another being into my life that I know will "die" before me.

Chad's parents had asked us 5 days before this revelation if we were going to get another dog, and I told them "no".

I said that we'd consider having another baby long before we'd consider getting another dog.

Well, here I was sitting there with this revelation about a puppy.

I told Chad about it, and he said he was open to the idea.

(He doesn't resist life as much as I often do. 😉)

When I told our daughter Kaylie that she'll be getting a puppy for her 13th birthday this summer, she started crying and ran to give me a big hug.

I announced this to her a little prematurely since Chad and I hadn't had a full discussion yet about what this whole thing would look like, but I was too excited to keep this news to myself since Kaylie has been wanting (I mean really wanting) a puppy for a long time now.

She immediately started searching for puppies online. 🙂

Chad and I had a lengthy discussion that night, and he said she could get a dog if she can prove that she's responsible enough to keep up with her chores.

So it was settled.

We were on the path to getting a puppy. 🐶

That night, I only got about an hour of sleep, because I felt so sick to my stomach.

All my past feelings of loss and abandonment were coursing through me, and I was feeling so much fear and resistance to opening my heart again (even though I was very excited for Kaylie).

Let me just say that my body released a lot of resistance that night, and I felt much clearer and calmer when the sun came up.

We researched different breeds of dogs to find a hypoallergenic breed for our highly sensitive girl.

Kaylie has always loved Bernese Mountain dogs, and we stumbled upon the hypoallergenic version- the Bernedoodle.

We found a Bernedoodle breeder nearby and learned that Bernedoodle puppies are around $4000.


That's far more than we were planning to spend on a puppy!

We spent Saturday and Sunday looking, looking, looking and being open to different breeds.

After Sunday's lunch, we googled Bernedoodle puppies once again, and we were led to the PuppySpot website where we saw the cutest picture of a baby girl named Miss Skye.

That was it!

Kaylie was in tears, because she knew she had found her puppy. 💜

We read that Skye is a miniature Bernedoodle (a perfect size for our family), and the video of her showed that she's a super peaceful pup.

I called PuppySpot to get more information, and we learned more about her and her parents.

There were lots of things that could have kept us from believing that this puppy was ours.

We had never heard of PuppySpot and didn't know if the website was legit, Skye lives in Indiana, her total cost is almost $5000 with delivery, I didn't think that Chad would want to spend that much money on a dog, and we don't know how Kaylie's body will handle Bernedoodle dander.

Despite all of these reasons to keep searching for other puppies that we could meet in person before committing, I told Kaylie to keep visualizing life with this puppy.

Surprisingly, Chad got on board really quickly, and we paid for Miss Skye the same day that we stumbled upon her photo.

Our hearts and our lives are so full as we prepare to welcome our fur baby into our home in about a month.

So much energy has been moved to make way for this magical manifestation.

Kaylie's desire and her willingness to visualize the end result were strong enough to melt away my fears and resistance and to get Chad on board with spending $5000 on a dog.

That's how powerful this manifestation stuff is!

Even though Miss Skye isn't physically in our home yet, she is already here in spirit.

We talk to her every day, and she is helping us make all kinds of decisions on her behalf.

What a joyful and challenging adventure we are on!

It's challenging many of the limits that we thought we had, and it's opening us up to more love, more joy, more possibilities, more abundance, more fun, and more freedom. 🎉

What fun adventure are you going to allow in this next chapter of your life?

I can't wait to hear your magical manifestation story! 😀

Much love to you,


P.s. If you would like to create a life that excites and delights you, you can buy my book Celebrating Your Life here.

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