December 29, 2023

Hello again! 🙂

I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas. 🎄

As we all look forward to the fresh start that each new year brings, let's decide who we're going to be this year.

Rather than setting all sorts of goals and being disappointed if we don't reach them, let's decide how we're going to show up each day in 2024.

I like to think of one word that will be my guiding light for the year.

For 2024, my word is LOVE.

In everything that I do, I want to approach it from a space of love- from a place of knowing that life has my back so I can just relax and trust that everything is always working out for me.

I want to find things to love about every activity, every person, every circumstance, and everything in my life over the next year.

I'm going to keep my heart wide open and surrender to the process of life.

I want to be so in love with my life by the end of the year that I no longer resist anything that shows up in my experience.

I choose to see everything as the gift that it is.

What word resonates most deeply with you as you step into this new year?

Who are you going to be in 2024?

How are you going to approach the moments of your life?

Find a word that sparks joy within you when you think about it, and if you have a few minutes, grab your journal and answer this question:

"When I am truly embodying my word for the year (in thoughts, feelings, and actions), how will my life be different than it is right now?"

Visualize yourself being this new, empowered version of you.

I'm showing up as pure love in 2024 (as best as I can).

Who do you want to be?

Please share your word with me. 😀

Much love to you,


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